[How to peel crayfish]_Crayfish_How to peel_Shelling method

[How to peel crayfish]_Crayfish_How to peel_Shelling method

Eating crayfish is one of the more enjoyable things, but many people will find that eating crayfish is actually more troublesome. How to peel the crayfish requires some technical work, so here are some specific tips for everyone.

1. Grab: Don’t care what you eat when eating lobster, the more elegant you are, the more serious you will be.

What are you waiting for, a plate of lobster?

Quickly index your hand to grab it.

2. Sucking: The lobster is delicious and delicious. The juice in the shrimp is the essence and cannot be wasted. After catching the lobster, first “kiss” it and suck the soup down.

3, pull: If this trick is used on live lobsters, it looks like a cruelty.

However, the lobster in your hand is fully cooked. Pull it hard to separate the succulent shrimp tail from the yellow head.

4. Peeling: There are a lot of yellow lobsters in this season. The delicious taste is the best product in lobster. To eat shrimp yellow, you must first peel off the hard shell. You can’t bite directly with your teeth.

Hold the back of the shrimp shell with your left hand, and gently lift the back of the shrimp shell with your right hand. The golden yellow shrimp will appear in front of the diners.

Hurry up with chopsticks and eat shrimp yellow.

5, chewing: After eating shrimp yellow, do not throw the gills directly, although you can not directly eat the lower belly, but you can chew slightly in the mouth, you can taste the strange fresh juice.

6, poke; after eating the shrimp head, start eating shrimp.

If the kitchen doesn’t crack the lobster shell completely, you have to do it yourself.

Use chopsticks to poke from the end of the shrimp, and the whole shrimp will come out. You can eat it with the sauce.

7, bite: After eating the shrimp body, now began to capture the extremely hard shrimp stalks, don’t watch, there is no way to save effort, bite your teeth.

In order to cultivate your fighting ability, I suggest you brush your teeth regularly, eat more hard food earlier, train a pair of diamond teeth, bite the shrimp chews, and suck the sweet shrimp meat and juice from the cracked end.