Summer 6-day scraping oil diet recipe crazy sucking


Summer 6-day scraping oil diet recipe crazy sucking

The first day: breakfast: 1 steamed potato, 1 sweet potato, a cup of yogurt, boiled eggs, a meal in the morning can be apple noon: stir-fried leek, dried red bean rice, 4 slices of beef, tomato seaweed soup at night:Baked cabbage tofu soup, 1 flower roll, 1 orange and kiwi the next day: Breakfast: a cup of pure milk, one corn, one boiled egg, one noon of banana: one steamed fish, basically a bowl of rice, a dish of fried peasEvening: tomato soup, taro or rice, black fungus fried cucumber and carrots for the third day: breakfast: 1 cup of soy milk, one taro, salad with cucumber, black fungus, green pepper, a dish, apple or banana lunch: boiled boiled shrimp 4Celery, a dish, black rice, 1 bowl of dinner: a bowl of seaweed egg noodles, a mango, a cup of yogurt, fourth day: breakfast: a large cup of carrot celery apple juice, a piece of bread at noon: steamed egg yolk, cold yuba, taro, boiled lettuce evening: a bowl of miscellaneous porridge, green pepper fried bean sprouts, cold black fungus fifth day: breakfast: millet rice together with a bowl of millet porridge, boiledOne egg, one orange, three walnuts for lunch: carrot fried pork liver (50 grams of pork liver), a small amount of rice, tomato green soup dinner: melon seaweed soup, fried broccoli, a bowl of red bean rice, a cup of yogurt on the sixth day:Breakfast: a bowl of milk oatmeal, 5 strawberries, boiled eggs for a lunch: fried bitter gourd, black fungus fried yam, taro a dinner: steamed pumpkin, vegetarian fried spinach, kelp tofu soup, Hanamaki a note: this 6 daysThe principle of healthy weight loss diet is less oil and less salt. Generally, the oil can be controlled at 20-25 grams a day, and the salt is about 6 grams.

The cooking method is cooking; this recipe is adjusted according to your own food intake, because some people are afraid that they will feel hungry when they are not full. I try to choose more water, substitute fiber, and have a low energy and low energy food to make a diet meal.The ingredients are yours to be flexible.

Oil and salt must be controlled!

How to compensate for uterine fibroids


How to compensate for uterine fibroids

Uterine fibroids are very harmful to women, so in daily life, there must be good living habits.

In traditional Chinese medicine, pay attention to the treatment of gynecological diseases by diet. How can uterine fibroids be better?

Let’s take a look at it together.

The uterine fibroids of the food supplement prescription 1: peach red squid soup[material]peach kernel 12 grams, safflower 6 grams, 250 grams of squid.

[practice]peach kernel, safflower and water decoction to slag.

After the squid silk oil is slightly fried, add fresh soup and medicine to cook together, add ginger, wine, onion, monosodium glutamate can only be boiled into soup, drink soup and eat squid.

Food supplement 2: Hawthorn fungus brown sugar[material]Hawthorn 100 grams, 50 grams of black fungus, brown sugar 30 grams.

[practice]Hawthorn water is fried about 500 ml to the residue, added to the black fungus of the hair, the fire is smashed, add brown sugar.

Can it be 2?
3 times, 5 days to finish, can even serve 2?
3 weeks.

Food supplement 3: Tremella soup[material]25 grams of white fungus, 10 grams of lotus root starch, 10 grams of alfalfa, 10 grams of rock sugar.

[Practice]Add the rock sugar to the white fungus, simmer the sorghum, and simmer into the powder.

[Efficacy]spleen, qi, stop bleeding.

Suitable for stagnation of uterine fibroids.

Food supplement 4: Rice ginseng porridge[material]30 grams of raw rice kernels, 15 grams of salvia, 150 grams of glutinous rice.

[Practice]First, Dan will participate in the water, fry for 30 minutes, and take the juice to the residue.

Rice kernels are washed, glutinous rice is cleaned, put into the pot, add water and medicine juice, simmer into porridge, you can eat.

[Effect]Activating blood stasis, turbidity and dampness.

This meal uses rice kernels, moisturizing and clearing heat, detoxification and elimination, modern research believes that its containing rice kernel fat has anti-tumor effect; Danshen, Huoxuehua slurry, Tongluo Tiaojing, containing tanshinone, salvia miltiorrhiza plasma and other ingredients,It expands blood vessels and improves blood flow, but has the effect of dissipating accumulation.

Tips: uterine fibroids diet should be healthy, eat more lean meat, chicken, eggs, quail eggs, squid, turtle, white fish, cabbage, asparagus, celery, spinach, cucumber, melon, mushrooms, tofu, kelp, seaweed, fruits, etc.

Whole grains create a slimming method


Whole grains create a slimming method

As a supplement to the pagoda, the whole grain is the best basic food and the cheapest source of energy.

Adults taking 250-400 grams of grain a day can help prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases.

For all kinds of whole grains, they all have their own best way to eat, so that the nutritional effects of them can be fully realized.

銆€銆€Crude rice rice porridge “scrape” 濮?flour rice porridge taste and smell better than white porridge.

The biggest feature of micron meters is that they contain germs, which contain high levels of vitamins and cellulose. They can reduce the amount of traces and cholesterol, and the rice contains a lot of zinc, which can improve the rough skin.

銆€銆€The rough rice word is as rough as the rice, and most rice grains are also wrapped in rice.

Brown rice can be purchased in a general supermarket, and the appearance is complete, and the color of the yellow-brown or light-brown scented powder rice is the best.

Before making flour rice porridge, soak the flour rice for about 30 minutes, then cook it like normal rice porridge.

Crude oil rice porridge can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, which helps digestion and nutrient absorption.

However, it is best for diabetics not to drink this kind of flour white porridge. Under normal circumstances, drinking porridge directly may cause a sudden increase in blood sugar.

銆€銆€Sorghum is suitable for making high-glutinous rice and making porridge for cooking. It is thrown a little rougher, but it is a lot of fine and nutritious.

High glutinous rice is most suitable for making a kind of snack called sorghum. After grinding the glutinous rice into powder, add baking powder, sugar, egg and appropriate amount of water to the thick, knead the dough, steam the sorghum dough, and cook the pan.Slightly fried, sprinkle with sesame seeds.

銆€銆€Sorghum is not easy to digest for some people with slightly poor gastrointestinal function. You can try to do some sorghum. Some kind of sorghum can be put on the fungus or corn pupa.The soup adds some rich taste.

銆€銆€The most nourishing glutinous rice is better like rice, so there are also many places called it.

Now more people like to eat glutinous rice, because the unique living environment of glutinous rice makes it possible to harm.

Chinese medicine said that glutinous rice can strengthen bones and muscles, strengthen the spleen and stomach, eliminate edema, remove rheumatism, clear lung heat and so on.

Glutinous rice is a very good tonic for women. A lot of vitamin B1 can make skin smooth and white, and can also withstand the role of anti-uterine cancer.

銆€銆€The glutinous rice is slightly cold, so it is not suitable for porridge or single consumption.

It is very suitable for soup with some foods that can shrink the warming effect. It can be stewed with chicken legs, tomatoes and glutinous rice. It is not only easy to digest, but also very good tonic.

Glutinous rice is not easy to digest, so try not to eat too much, especially for the elderly, children and people with stomach and stomach gastritis.

銆€銆€Long-term eating buckwheat noodles Soba noodles is a kind of gray-black flour, but don’t look at it, its nutritional value is high.

Soba noodles have a variety of food methods, but most people still use it to make noodles.

The protein of buckwheat is higher than that of rice and flour, especially for children in the process of growing up. It is more suitable for eating some soba noodles. The lysine and arginine will make parents have children’s height and intelligence.

銆€銆€The most suitable combination of buckwheat noodles is cold salad with minced meat and cucumber. The buckwheat is cold and easy to hurt the stomach, so it must be soaked for a long time until it is soaked, tastes better and is easier to digest.

Cucumber can make buckwheat noodles more refreshing and not easy to get tired, while minced meat is best to use mutton, mutton warm stomach, and buckwheat is a good match.

Although buckwheat noodles are delicious, they are not necessarily suitable for breakfast and dinner. They are easy to damage the stomach, or they are not easy to digest.

銆€銆€Oatmeal Babao rice is usually used by people to soak in milk. In fact, occasionally using oatmeal to make a Babao rice, it can also play a role in beauty and anti-aging.

Oatmeal contains a variety of enzymes, which not only inhibit the formation of age spots, but also delay the aging of human cells. It is the best health food for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in middle-aged and elderly people.

More importantly, oat-rich soluble fiber can replace bile acid instead of in vitro, reduce blood cholesterol levels, reduce high-micron food intake, and soluble fiber absorbs a lot of water, satiety is strong, eat often, lose weightThe effect of slimming is particularly good.

銆€銆€Oatmeal rice is soaked in oats, black glutinous rice, long glutinous rice, crude rice, white rice, soybeans, soybeans, lotus seeds, glutinous rice, red beans, etc., and then cooked.

Babao rice has more abundant food supplement fiber and glucose, which is suitable for eating staple food.

Say goodbye to the three strokes of fat buttocks to shape the ideal curve


Say goodbye to the three strokes of fat buttocks to shape the ideal curve

Although some women are not too much as a whole, they have a round and large buttocks. Although they are a symbol of “good health,” how can you endure the “luxury hips” affecting your whole body?The image. Now Xiaobian tells you how to say goodbye to fat buttocks.

銆€銆€The reason for the top fat is whether the top is beautiful or not because of its size, but because it is not strong enough and straight.

Many women will dislike their chests too much or too prominent, and they are troubled by the fat buttocks.

According to reports, the former is so large, in addition to genetic factors, mainly because of the extra reasons.

銆€銆€The ideal chest is ideal for the chest. There is muscle above the buttocks, and there is no fat at the bottom to the thighs, forming a beautiful curve. It is better if the left side is slightly tilted.

It is not difficult to have a beautiful buttock shape. As long as you can continue to tighten the muscles of the buttocks, you will have a beautiful round hip.

According to the introduction, there is another advantage in reducing the distal radius of the humerus, which is to make the legs look more slender.

銆€銆€Thin buttocks exercise One: Strengthen the waist and hip This simple exercise is good for the waist and the buttocks.


Supine, feet open and waist width, contraction and bending, hands flat on both sides.


As soon as you exhale, try to get your waist up, until the gas is completely exhaled, then return to action 1, do not rest in the middle, and the movement should be consistent.

Do it 15 times?
20 times.

銆€銆€Note: You must use force every time. After getting used to this set of actions, the left side can not touch the ground, so the effect will be better.

銆€銆€Exercise 2: Reduced fat and fat. According to reports, this exercise can eliminate the front fat, exercise the leg muscles, and make the legs become more quite.


Prone, hands flexed to the head, toes straight.


Use the front end to force, while exhaling, try to raise one of the feet as much as possible. Keep your feet straight and stand still for 1 second.

Go back to action 1, and lift the other foot in the same step.

Do it alternately 15 times in a row?
20 times.

銆€銆€Note: Do not force the hips to raise your feet, as this may cause low back pain and may not achieve exercise.

The abdominal muscles should be contracted at the same time when lifting the legs.

銆€銆€Exercise 3: Beautify the hip shape This exercise can contract the buttocks muscles and strengthen the waist and leg strength.

It is especially effective for eliminating fat on both sides of the thigh, and can create beautiful legs with curvature.


Keep your legs close together, stand upright, face forward, hands on your hips.


The single leg is gently pushed forward and the knees are bent at 90 degrees.

First take a breath, then exhale and return to action 1, change legs and move out, the same action, repeat the left and right feet 15 times?
20 times.

銆€銆€Note: Keep your head up, chest up, and straighten your back.

Do not step forward too far forward, when the hind legs are bent down, you must try to be close to the ground, but do not stick to the ground.

11 long holidays need to be alert to the impact of diabetes


11 long holidays need to be alert to the impact of diabetes


During the long vacation, there will be more gatherings. People should pay attention to diabetes when they eat and drink.

Absolutely, due to the improvement of living standards, the changes in diet structure, the increasingly tense life rhythm and the lifestyle of less moving and sitting, the global incidence of diabetes is growing rapidly. Diabetes has become a secondary tumor and the third after cardiovascular disease.A chronic disease that seriously threatens human health.

At present, there are more than 1 diabetes patients worldwide.

200 million people, the second largest group of people with diabetes.

According to the survey, the prevalence of diabetes in economically developed cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Qingdao has reached 4%.

11%, the city’s diabetes is implanted with 6.


Diabetes and its chronic complications will be the biggest public health crisis that is expected to be faced internally for many years to come.

During the National Day, family and friends reunited, and it was indispensable to push for a cup and a feast for dinner, which made the diet control of diabetic patients more difficult.

Some people think that it doesn’t matter if you eat more. You can eat more hypoglycemic drugs. In fact, this is wrong.

Because thiourea-type hypoglycemic drugs reduce blood sugar by stimulating islet cells to secrete insulin, a large amount of existing accumulated accumulated starch burden is aggravated, and the condition deteriorates.

Moreover, the use of hypoglycemic drugs will increase the substitution, so how to adjust the diet is more important.

Many people with diabetes often feel a sense of oppression in front of a banquet table full of delicious food.

How can they eat as much as they like healthy people?

Dietary meals for people with diabetes need to follow the following principles: 1. Use the food exchange method to estimate the approximate calorie content of various foods on the table.

Learning Food Exchange Law The food exchange method is a nutritionist who divides the same type of food into several groups and makes their nutrient components close by a certain amount.

Within these ranges, various foods can be exchanged, allowing diabetics to more freely choose different foods and eat as much as they want.

2, if you must drink beer, wine, then you should drink some ice water while drinking, this can prevent your alcohol consumption.

3, if you can not overcome the temptation of dessert, then remember to leave a bit of dessert when you eat the staple food, then, the staple food is slightly less, then the heat of this meal will not exceed the standard.


Unrecognized curtain health benefits


Unrecognized curtain health benefits

The curtains are in an eye-catching position in the room, so in a certain sense, the expression of a room is determined, which also reflects the taste and taste of the owner.

In fact, in addition to the decorative features, the material, function and comfort of the curtains are closely related to our health.

銆€銆€From the material, the curtains are cotton, hemp, yarn, satin, flocking, bamboo, rayon and so on.

銆€銆€Cotton, hemp is a common material for curtains, easy to wash and replace, suitable for bedroom; decorative alternatives for gauze curtains, can enhance the sense of depth in the room, good light transmission, suitable for use in the living room, balcony; satin, flocking curtain volumeDelicate, luxurious and bright, the shading and sound insulation are good, but the price is relatively high.

銆€銆€The bamboo curtain has clear texture, good lighting effect, and is wear-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-proof and non-fading. It is suitable for living room and balcony. Man-made fiber curtains are hard, easy to wash and durable, and have good shade.

銆€銆€Blinds are currently more popular. When selecting, you can first touch the blade to see if it is smooth, with or without burrs, then hang the curtain and try to see if it is flexible. Finally, turn the adjusting rod to check if the blade is free.

銆€銆€Some wooden curtains use adhesives, which can cause indoor pollution. Children in the family, elderly or pregnant women should be carefully replaced.

銆€銆€When people buy curtains, they usually consider the decoration. In fact, they should pay more attention to the following aspects.

銆€銆€Noise prevention.

Studies have shown that when the continuous noise pollution in the room reaches 30 decibels, it will interfere with normal sleep.

Therefore, it is better to choose a curtain size with sound absorption effect, and the size is flocking, cotton and linen.

At the very least, thicker curtains have better sound absorption, and good size curtains can reduce external noise by 10%-20%.


If you want to have a comfortable nap during the day, it is best to choose a shaded curtain for the bedroom, cotton or flocked fabric.

The study room, the interior of the restaurant generally does not need too much light, can replace the blinds, brake light adjustment.

銆€銆€Keep warm.

In the winter, the curtains need to consider the problem of keeping warm, and the flocked curtain fabric is thick and warm.

According to Japanese interior designer research, among all colors, the deep red is the warmest and suitable for winter use.

銆€銆€Regulate mood.

If the color of the curtain is too deep, and the time is long, the person is depressed; the color is too bright and not good. Some newlyweds like to choose brightly colored curtains, but after a long time, it will cause visual fatigue and make people feel upset.

In fact, you may wish to go to the complex, choose light green, light blue and other natural, fresh colors, can make people happy; people who are prone to insomnia, you can try to replace the red and black matching curtains, help to fall asleep as soon as possible.

銆€銆€Don’t choose curtains that are too low in price, because some cheap curtains are flammable in the fire, and good quality curtains usually have fire resistance, and the safety of family members is guaranteed.

The focus of health care is to raise the heart


The focus of health care is to raise the heart

The so-called “nurturing heart” here does not mean to protect the heart, not to reorganize your mentality, including thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, and so on.

The human mind needs to be peaceful, just as the human body temperature must remain normal.

銆€銆€A closer look at life reveals how much psychological out of control can harm the health and life of the elderly.

銆€銆€Some people are too nostalgic, immersed in the incomplete, pale memories all day, so that they have no interest in everything in front of them, and even a beautiful life is uninteresting.

Some people feel that they have received too little, lost too much, and they are not as good as others, so that they are pessimistic, often depressed, and even suffering from depression.

銆€銆€Others are seriously negative. They feel that they have been left idle by the society, and they have been ignored by others. As a result, they are disheartened, decadent and degenerate, and ruin their own soul and will.

銆€銆€People who are out of facts, because of greed, always think that they have more possessions, they should live better than others, so that they give up their own constraints, they should not take them, and they fall into a late festival.ending.
Although most of the similar phenomena have their causes, no matter which one, it is related to the loss of control of the mentality, and it does not hurt the health of the body, and it will not harm the good life.

This shows how important it is to raise a heart for health.

銆€銆€In addition to understanding the inherent nature of raising the heart, we must also think about how to raise our hearts.

銆€銆€Why raise a heart, I am afraid that it is difficult for anyone to open a prescription for everything.

In real life, there are many problems that do not require specific answers. The question is simply to gradually achieve the purpose of communication.

Thinking about how to raise your heart, it is also true.

銆€銆€We may wish to communicate from the following aspects: cultivating your heart is a meditation in the heart of meditation, if a person thinks about it all the time, the desire is not limited, it will inevitably lead to all kinds of illnesses, saying that bad emotions are not a catalyst for disease.

One of the important ways to eliminate bad emotions is to learn to meditate.

The peace of mind can be smooth, smooth and healthy.

The best way to meditate is to refine your heart, and the highest level of meditation is fun.

If your heart is happy every day, it means that you are really a master in raising your heart.

銆€銆€The heart of the cultivating heart is in the Buddha’s family. There are three treasures of the sun and the moon, and there are three treasures of water and fire. People have three treasures.

In the three treasures of man, the essence is turned into qi, the qi is turned into God; God is the sum of essence, and God is the soul of man.

Therefore, raising the heart, meditation, and happiness will ultimately come down to raising the gods.

God can only calm down, and calm down.

Rejuvenation, in the end is to purify the soul of man.

If your soul is always beautiful, then you have the “medicine of the old”, and it will become a kind of expert who is envied by many people.

銆€銆€There are too many things that can make people tempted in the life of raising a heart.

But all who create your temptation are related to the gains and losses of their fame and fortune. Many people are hard-pressed, suffocating, and difficult to condense. They are all inextricably linked.

It warns us that it is necessary to raise our minds.

Especially in the face of the “flower world” of materialism, you should more appropriately regard the cultivation of virtue as the foundation of the heart.

Deco can only be quiet, and Deco can only condense.

The most important thing to raise morality is to remove those who are bound to their own, so that they are not tormented by fame and fortune.

If you can do what you know as fame and fortune, and you can see that you have nothing to lose, then you can fly freely in the happy heaven.

銆€銆€Although there is no panacea available, there are still suggestions.

The American Society of Mental Health has proposed ten tips. The following is an excerpt for the elderly friends: they are not demanding themselves; their expectations for their loved ones should not be too high; they should not fight with others everywhere; temporarily leave the country; make appropriate concessions; show goodwill to others;People talk about troubles; help others to do things; active entertainment; contentment.

How to do vomiting after pregnancy, relieve the morning sickness, have a coup


How to do vomiting after pregnancy, relieve the morning sickness, have a coup

In the TV series, we often see such a bridge: a young woman licks her mouth and rushes into the bathroom with lightning speed, then it is the “wow, wow,” spit, then we know the youngThe woman is pregnant.

Seeing the power of morning sickness, I have to sigh that pregnancy is like a tiger.

What should I do if my pregnancy is uncomfortable during pregnancy?

Then talk about the morning sickness reaction today.

[The real cause of morning sickness]1, early pregnancy, the rapid increase in human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) levels.

People don’t know if HCG will directly cause nausea, but when pregnancy is most severe, it is also the time when HCG is at its highest level.

2, at this time, the rapid increase in estrogen levels, is also considered to be a primary cause of morning sickness, of course, other hormones may also have an impact.

3, the mother’s sense of smell and sensitivity to odor increased.

Even hearing the name of a certain food can cause vomiting.

4, some mothers’ gastrointestinal tract is more sensitive to various changes in the early pregnancy, so it is easier to feel uncomfortable and nausea.

Severe morning sickness affects fetal development. Most pregnant mothers will have morning sickness after pregnancy. It is understood that if the morning sickness is serious, it will have an impact on the healthy development of the fetus.

The degree of pregnancy reaction varies from person to person. A considerable number of women will have very severe vomiting, even high frequency, and even can not eat, water, seriously affecting the absorption of nutrients.

The first two months of pregnancy is the key period for the development of fetal baby intelligence. The differentiation of organs such as heart, brain, mouth, teeth, ears and sputum is also formed within 3 months.

Expectant mothers are malnourished due to pregnancy reaction, which will seriously affect the development of the fetus.

Moreover, pregnant women with spit caused a lot of ion loss in the body, there will be obvious dehydration performance, and even vomiting, if the condition continues to deteriorate, smoking, coma, jaundice and other serious symptoms will occur, endangering the health of pregnant women and the fetus, and even causing death.
Therefore, in the event of dangerous symptoms caused by spit, you need to go to the hospital for a timely visit.

[How to relieve morning sickness]1. The first time you vomit the first morning vomiting can be the best, because the first time you vomit, you will continue to vomit, the first time you hold back, generally will not be interchangeable.Pregnancy.
2, the diet in the morning fasting morning sickness is the most serious, so do not let your stomach empty.

Eat more light foods of certain proteins that help to suppress nausea.

In short, eat something that will lift your appetite.

3, exercise appropriate to participate in some soothing activities, such as high-level walks, maternity exercises, etc., can improve mood, strengthen the body and ease the response.

4, drinking water or drinking water is very important to prevent dehydration, but don’t drink “bovine” and fill your stomach, because your stomach will not contain other anti-emetic food.

5, wear as comfortable as possible, if you wear clothes or pants with too tight waist will exacerbate morning sickness.

6, vitamin B6 can relieve and prevent morning sickness to a certain extent, but the simple supplement of vitamin B6 is unscientific, combined with the combination of multivitamins and minerals, the prevention and relief effect of morning sickness will be more obvious.

7, brushing mouth, perilla and ginger have warm stomach, vomiting effect, so the use of perilla maternal toothpaste containing perilla, ginger extract, has a certain relief, and contains folic acid can effectively prevent gingivitis.

8, very serious if the morning sickness is already very serious, will affect the development of the fetus, to seek medical advice in a timely manner.

Pregnant mothers, have you learned the above methods?

Relieving the morning sickness is easier than anything else, the mood is too much, and the pregnancy reaction will be more serious.

Pregnancy is a normal appearance, as long as it is within the normal range, do not worry about adverse effects on the fetus.

Do you know these special customs when you are in the heat?

Do you know these special customs when you are in the heat?

There are three waiting times for the summer: the eagle is a bird.

In this solar term, the eagle began to hunt a large number of birds, and first displayed as a sacrifice.

Second waiting: Heaven and earth began to be.

Everything between heaven and earth began to wither, full of chilling gas.

Three waiting: He Naideng.

“Wo” refers to the general term for sputum, scorpion, rice, and sorghum crops. “Deng” means maturity, meaning to start the autumn harvest.

At the summer festival, the customs of the rivers and lanterns are also called “the lotus lights”. Generally, the lamps or candles are placed on the base, and the middle and night are placed in the rivers and lakes.

The river lanterns are for the water ghosts and other ghosts in the water.

A piece of text in Xiao Hong’s “Hulan River Biography” is the best footnote of this custom: “July 15 is a ghost festival; dead souls and souls are not allowed to live, lingering in hell is very bitter, want to liveAnd can’t find a way.

If there is a dead ghost holding a river lantern on this day, you have to live.

For the coastal fishermen, the fishing season is the season of fishing. After the summer, during the summer, the annual fishing season in the coastal areas of Zhejiang Province is decided to be the end of the East China Sea fishing season.A grand fishing ceremony, farewell fishermen sailed out to sea.

Because, at this time, the water temperature in the sea is still high, the fish will still stay around the sea, and the fish and shellfish will mature.

Therefore, from this time on, people can often enjoy a wide variety of seafood.

The folk customs around the autumn festival are related to the ancestor and the autumn.

Before and after the folks will celebrate the folk activities of Zhongyuan, commonly known as “July and a half” or “Chinese Yuan Festival.”

In the old days, from the beginning of July, there was a ceremony to open the ghost gate. Until the end of the month, the ghost gates will be closed.

It is said that the Purdue activity begins with the opening of the ghost gate, and then the lamp is erected, and the river lamp is used to incur the soul; while the main body is building the Pudu altar, erecting a shed, interspersed with the stalking, and finally ending with the ghost gate.

Today, it has become a timetable for major events for the ancestors.

In addition, after the summer, the autumn is getting stronger, it is a good time for people to enjoy the autumn and autumn scenery.

The folks have always said that “seeing the cloud in July and August”, there is the meaning of “going out to welcome the autumn.”

Drink milk long muscles or long sputum


Drink milk long muscles or long sputum

Some experts say that milk is harmful to health.

Others say that this is the most nutritious food you have found.

We synthesize all the statements to see if we should drink milk.

銆€銆€As a nutritionist, I found that many people who want to lose weight or gain weight, most of them love milk.

Therefore, in order to ensure that milk is harmless to the human body, I have studied all the statements against drinking milk, and also look at the propaganda that advocates the efficacy of milk with a critical eye.

After all, what I care about is the health of my clients.

Here is my response to the customer’s question about milk: Can milk really burn?

銆€銆€Researchers at the University of Tennessee found that in the six-month study, the number of people who added three servings of calcium-substituted dairy products per day was the highest number of abdominal aunts who were only supplemented or even dairy.

In addition, the researchers found that calcium supplementation is not as effective as drinking milk.


They believe that since calcium can increase the rate of burning assistants, other active compounds (such as milk protein) can provide additional combustion assistants.

Of course, the key to successful weight loss is to strictly implement a healthy diet plan.

After all, just eating a box of fried doughnuts every day is no way to lose weight.

銆€銆€Can you drink long muscles?

銆€銆€of course can.

In fact, milk is the best food on earth to help muscle growth.

Because the protein in milk is made up of about 80% whey and 20% casein.

Both are protein proteins, but whey is called a “fast protein” because it breaks down quickly into amino acids and is absorbed into the blood.

In contrast, casein protein is absorbed more slowly, so it is ideal for providing a stable amount of protein to your body during the correct time period 鈥?such as during the interval between two meals or during sleep.

Since milk contains both whey and casein, drinking a large cup of milk allows you to absorb a very good muscle-enhancing protein.

銆€銆€Does the cow’s hormones cause the milk to be unhealthy?

銆€銆€The answer is no, unless you inject milk into your body.

銆€銆€This is a true story: In 1993, the (US) Food and Drug Administration approved the injection of regenerative growth hormone (rBGH) into cattle.

For dairy farmers, this action increases milk production while reducing costs, and dairy farmers can make a big profit from local supermarkets.

But it is also highly controversial because rBGH accelerates the condensation of insulin-like production factors (IGF), which are thought to be involved in cancer.

銆€銆€These steroid hormones, rBGH and IGF, must be injected into the bloodstream to produce an effect, while steroids can be administered orally.

Because these two “protein” hormones are destroyed during digestion.

Therefore, the milk produced by a cow injected with hormones does not change the harmful chemicals that are introduced into your body. However, for ethical reasons, injecting hormones is not a good thing for cows.

Canadian researchers have found that hormone-injected cows are more susceptible to mastitis.

銆€銆€So what about antibiotics?

銆€銆€No one can really answer.

Some scientists believe that milk produced by cows injected with antibiotics can cause resistance to antibiotics in humans, so that when you need to inject these drugs, the effect is weakened.

However, this argument can be confirmed.

If you are uncomfortable with these milks, you can go to a food store to buy some antibiotic-free milk, or you can choose organic milk certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, which is available in most supermarkets.

銆€銆€Degreased or full fat?

銆€銆€This completely determines your taste.

Many times we are told to drink skim milk, but most scientific studies have shown that drinking whole milk can improve the body’s plasma levels, but the effect is less than skim milk.

An exception has recently occurred: Danish researchers have found that people who drink whole milk will increase LDL cholesterol.However, initially, these people drink 6 cups of 8 initial whole milk per day, which is already unusually large.

Even so, triglycerides began to cause another cause of heart disease, but fell by 22%.

銆€銆€In a nutshell: Up to 2 to 3 cups of milk per day, whether it is 2% skimmed or full fat, reduces the likelihood of heart disease or stroke. This process has also been confirmed by British scientists.

銆€銆€The medical department at the University of Texas at Galveston found that weight lifting after full fat can accelerate protein synthesis (muscle growth) in the muscles – an increase of 2 more than skim milk.

8 times the muscle.

So, if you are dieting to lose weight, the easy way is to reduce your calorie intake – low-fat milk is the best choice; however, if you want to build muscle to drink whole milk, just fine.