Five bad habits of baby

Five bad habits of baby

During the growth of a baby, due to improper parenting of parents, some bad habits often develop: 1. Picking up dirty food and eating Almost all babies used to pick up food and eating, but not all children have formed.Bad habits.

When the baby is still young, parents can instill in him the correct concept of dropping things on the ground and getting dirty.

It is inevitable that food will fall to the ground in daily life. At this time, parents should say to the child, “Oh, things are dirty, we need to wash them.

“And immediately wash it; or tell the child that the food is dirty and can’t be taken anymore, and immediately clean the dirt on the floor into the trash can.”

And don’t pick it up and put it directly into your mouth because you are afraid of wasting it.

Statistics show that most of the parents who pick up dirty food and eat bad food have parents who have lost those foods on the floor and feel that it is a pity to throw them away.

Remember: When you tell your baby “It’s too dirty to fall on the floor, mother eats it and gives you a new one.

When the baby could n’t understand so much at all, all he understood was that since the mother can pick up and eat, then I can also . Besides, because the baby’s ability to distinguish objects from right and wrong is relatively poor, he looked at himCome, things fall on the bed, the table is the same as the floor.

Therefore, parents and mothers must follow the above principles when they fall into bed, and do not think that they are picked up and eaten, as this will mislead your baby.

Of course, this is not meant to be at home, but even more appropriate outdoors.

Correction method Therefore, parents should pay attention to: ⑴ bacteria multiply quickly in vertical places, so avoid babies picking up and eating in such places.

Outdoors, do not pick up anything when it falls to the ground, because there may have been feces of animals such as cats and dogs.

⑶ If there are small things on the table, be sure to take them away immediately, so as not to cause serious consequences if the baby mistakenly eats food.

⑷ When a child picks up food on the ground, parents must not scold the child, nor do they destroy the contents of his hands with his hands, this will scare the young child.

2, children who throw things generally reach 6?
After 8 months, I started to throw things.

When the child unintentionally throws things up, he will be very excited and will think that he has another skill, so he will be very happy to repeat it many times. At the same time, he hopes to attract the attention of his parents and give him praise.
While repeating, the baby is actually learning.

For example: he will observe the falling orbits and ways of objects, and pay attention to the sound of different objects when they fall to the ground; he will gradually realize that there is an inevitable relationship between placing things and making sounds, and thus learn logical knowledge; from throwing things toWait for the sound, learn to expect psychologically, and so on.

Therefore, throwing things is a necessary stage of growth for the baby, which is of great benefit to the baby’s intellectual and psychological growth.

However, different attitudes of parents on this matter will lead the child to develop in different directions.

The correct attitude should be to provide the child with appropriate toys (such as string ball, leather ball, etc.) when the baby starts to master this skill, and create a safe and spacious environment for the baby to throw enough.

When the baby starts to throw things, parents can give a lot of praise, which can enhance the baby’s self-confidence and happy mood, so that he can play happily and accept knowledge easily.

But when he grows up slowly, he should pay attention to gradually diminishing his throwing behavior, so as not to develop bad habits.

The correction method needs to be noted that because the baby is young, the comprehensive coordination of hands and brain is not perfect, so when throwing things, you may accidentally damage the item (such as a falling ball that has knocked the vase on the table).Parents must not yell or criticize their children too much, because the parents ‘reaction will make the child feel special and exaggerated, which will intensify his awareness of throwing things to attract parents’ attention.If you want to attract the attention of others or want to express yourself, you will think of doing it by throwing things, which will eventually make him a bad habit of throwing things.

If the child has developed a bad habit of throwing things, then the mother can take the following measures: ⑴ Design a variety of throwing games, let him throw enough, and turn the bad habit into a skill.

You can teach him various throwing skills, such as pitching and sandbags.

After two years of age, the baby has a certain ability to discern. Father and mother must patiently tell him what can be thrown and what can’t be thrown.

(3) If the child throws something that affects other people’s rest, work, etc., make a positive criticism of the child and let him point out his mistakes.

⑷If the child throws things because he is angry and vented, then the parents should first communicate with the child to understand the reason for being angry with the child.

If the reason is right, add sympathy to the baby and give him comfort; if it is because the unreasonable requirements have not been met, you can take the approach of transferring the target.

⑸Sometimes the baby throws things just to attract the attention of adults, such as parents, so as long as you pay more attention to the baby and let the baby feel that the parents are paying attention to him, you can avoid the bad habit of throwing things by the child.

Tell your child to pick up what he or she throws out, which can effectively reduce the problem of children throwing things around.

3. Destructive behavior The child’s improvement in ability to overcome will increasingly show some destructive behavior.

It is generally divided into two cases. One case is that when the baby is almost 2 years old, curiosity starts to gradually increase, which is meaningful to all items. I like to touch the east and look at the west.

However, due to their poor hands and hand and eye coordination, they are not very familiar with the performance of various items, so it will inevitably destroy some things (sometimes even the things that parents like very much). This should get parentsUnderstanding.

Another situation is: When the child’s work far exceeds his actual ability, the frustration after many failed attempts will often irritate young children. In order to vent their own sense of distortion, the child will cause some destructivethe behavior of.
If this is the case, the parents must not reprimand the child, because this will make the child feel very aggrieved and misunderstood, and feel isolated, which will lead to angry feelings and even intentional destructive actions to show his indignation,Or continue to destroy to tease the parents and see how angry the parents are, and get a sense of satisfaction from repeated failures.
Correction method: For the child’s destructive behavior, the parents should pay attention to the following strategies to help him correct: ⑴ For the things he destroyed, the parents can ask the child to restore and repair them together.
Tell the child no matter what it is, destroying things is a bad behavior and should be avoided and corrected as much as possible.

(3) Find out the cause of the child’s destruction, do not overly criticize, and take measures to appease his abnormal emotions.

He played games with the baby, improved his hands-on skills, helped him achieve small success, and cultivated his sense of success.

For children’s various emotions, adults should pay more attention to participating in the experience and express it for the child in a timely manner.

When the child understands that the parents understand him, his anger will be greatly reduced, and he will give up the radical and destructive behavior.

At the same time, this is also great for parent-child relationships.

In daily life, parents should first calm themselves, deal with various problems calmly, and give the children a good example.

⑺Encourage your child’s curiosity and provide them with toys that can satisfy their curiosity, such as split toys.

Adults should carefully observe whether there are other people maliciously or unintentionally instigating corrections, condone the child’s destructive behavior, and if so, must take immediate action to stop them.

4. Willfulness and temper tantrums accompany the growth of children’s self-consciousness. Most children will show some willful behavior, especially in 2?
4 years old is most common.

Some moms and dads are too addicted and spoiled to their children, and everything follows their wishes.

Once something can’t be done according to the child’s thinking, the child will cry arbitrarily and make a noise.

If the father and mother weigh and give up when they are distressed, this will allow the child to correct his practice. It will be very effective. In the future, he will continue to use this method to achieve his purpose, thereby nourishing the child’s willful mischief.

In addition, because of their limited ability, the child still fails after trying many times and trying to do something. This frustration can also make the child lose his temper.

Correction methods For these situations, parents can refer to the following methods: 不要 Do not be too accustomed to the child on weekdays, and give the child the correct guidance to let him know that parents are not omnipotent, and not every requirement can be realized.

Young children are more emotionally changeable, so parents should think first when dealing with things, and consider actions that may occur and how to deal with them before they can not cope with the wayward coquettishness of their children.

(3) Treat the child’s willfulness and temper tantrums, although they are anxious, but do not show too much. You can take a dismissive approach and dilute the method. The child will stop after he is uninterested.

犯罪 Use the child’s attention crime to divert the child’s attention, so that he will become a new thing in obesity expenditure.

Children are forgetful and naturally ignore what just happened.

⑸ Try not to let your child lose his temper the first time, the sense of victory will encourage him to use this method every time.

Praise the other obedient child in front of the child, let him accept positive hints, admit that the wayward child does not like their parents.

In order to win praise from his parents, he will also learn very well.

⑺Don’t show yourself in front of your child, and don’t say words such as “I won’t listen to you anymore”.

Don’t make promises to children, especially things that can’t be done, but promises must be done, so that every word you say, children can trust and understand its weight.

Appropriate punishment, telling the child to miss his long-awaited activity because he lost his temper, which led him to think carefully before the next temper.

⑽ The attitude of the family must be the same, not one-on-one, and let the tantrum children get out of the way.

Let the child make his own decisions among various choices. Because it is his own choice, he is not embarrassed to lose his temper.

坚定 Be firm, don’t change your mind just because your child is crying.

5, children caused by aggressive behavior will go through the stages of biting and beating, this is a normal growth stage.

Generally speaking, the method of diluting will soon transition.

However, there are some babies who have robes that develop aggressive behaviors that require adult reorganization.

There are many reasons for aggressive behavior.

Beating people may be a way to protect themselves; it may be a way for him to vent his displeasure; or it may be to imitate the behavior of other children, parents or television.

Biting a person may be the exploratory behavior of a 1-and-a-half-year-old baby in the lip period; it may be imitating the action of a small animal; or it may be the performance of a kiss, but it is just an inaccurate grasp.

The correction method is aimed at these aggressive behaviors. Parents should pay attention to: ⑴ Parents should lead by example, and do not have aggressive behaviors such as hitting children on weekdays.

Don’t let children watch violent television.

(3) Usually educate the baby about civilization, and be friendly when the child is playing with other children, don’t beat people and swear, if you bully other children, apologize.

To develop children’s various skills, especially social and language skills.
Teach your children to express their angry feelings, and parents must be properly groomed.

⑹If their own child is beaten, parents must have the courage to criticize others’ children.
Otherwise, our babies will lose their sense of security and feel that only by hitting others can they protect themselves.

You ca n’t double standards. Your children are endlessly noisy when they are attacked. It ‘s okay if your children are attacked by others, and they are even smug. This can only have very bad effects on children.

Beyond the above-mentioned common bad habits of some babies, I hope to remind all moms and dads that your correct guidance will affect children’s behavior standards.

Rapid weight loss 3 strokes healthy water spirit mad meat

Rapid weight loss 3 strokes healthy water spirit mad meat

We are all very clear that the principle of healthy weight loss is to be gradual.

However, some sudden and unexpected people will be caught off guard, and need to lose weight quickly!

For example, to participate in an important banquet, to be the host of the company’s annual meeting, to see a good brother of a boyfriend, or even to be a bride!

So how can you quickly lose weight and not harm health?

  First, girls who control diet and lose weight experience know that to lose weight, they must eat less high-carbohydrate foods, such as cereals (such as rice, noodles, miscellaneous grains, etc.).

Especially for dinner, it is best not to eat cereals.

Because people rarely exercise after dinner, the excess energy can not be converted into sputum.

  Be sure to change the habit of eating snacks.

If you really feel awkward, you can go to the supermarket to buy some unsweetened, salted nuts, especially nuts such as almonds.

  Do not drink sugary drinks.

Even if the bottled flower tea that you usually drink, sports drinks also contain a lot of sugar, so be careful, you need to change into a healthy drink that excludes sugar such as mineral water.

  Second, simple exercise can be done at home when you are at home: flying fish posture.

The wrist is straight like a fin of a flying fish, and the sides are stretched back and the elbows are not bent.

Focus your muscles on your buttocks, show your muscles subconsciously, don’t bend your knees, and try to straighten your feet.

This action has an effect on the muscles of the whole body. It is a posture training with extremely slimming effect, which is repeated 4-5 times each time.

  Eliminate the back of the meat.

Put your hands on your chest, put your body from the back to the top, then slowly lower your body and gently slam the ground forward for 5 seconds.

This action can exercise the buttocks and eliminate excess meat, repeating 4-5 times.

  Strengthen exercise 2 weeks before menstruation.

When the “old friend” comes, do you have a puffy face and don’t want to move?

According to a study in Australia, if you exercise during the two weeks before menstruation, you will easily lose 30% of your weight.

The reason is that the secretion of the hormone estrogen and progesterone is at the highest level at this time, which promotes the body to turn into energy, so during this time, strengthening exercise will be twice the result with half the effort.

  Third, slimming products, a small pair of dumbbells have great effect.

A set of 20 minutes or so, simple dumbbell exercise can greatly increase the metabolic rate of women.

  Cellulite-containing products are used to remove cellulite.

Cellulite is often found at the junction of the thigh and chest.

To eliminate the orange peel phenomenon, it is necessary to start with water-based adults.

The extracts from caffeine, ginkgo and horse chestnuts accelerate the metabolism of adults and make the body stretch more beautifully, showing a firmer skin texture.

Use capsaicin-containing products to drain and swollen.

If you see cocoa extract, capsaicin, lavender, geranium and other ingredients in the slimming products, you can understand that it is beneficial to promote drainage and swelling.

Criticizing education can be sweet

Criticizing education can be “sweet”

Case: One morning, the children of Haohao in a class in the kindergarten bulged in pockets. When the teacher checked, it turned out to be a round bag of longan.
Prior to that, the teacher had talked about safety issues every day and asked children to come to the garden without dangerous toys and snacks.
When the teacher went to La Haohao again with his hand, he immediately protected his pocket with his small hand, as if he knew I was going to criticize it.
The teacher said with a smile: “Hao Hao, why did Gui Yuan today forget the words of the teacher all ran into your pocket, next time you must remember to tell Gui Yuan, I am in kindergarten and you are waiting for me at home, okay?
The children Haohao nodded and smiled, and reached out two big Guiyuan and said, “Mr. Shi, help me hide Guiyuan, and you will give it to me when I go home.”
“The teacher readily agreed.
This is an ordinary little thing that happened in a kindergarten, but it has another profound educational significance. “Critical education can be ‘sweet’.”
In daily education, we often meet some naughty or disobedient children.
When they make mistakes, teachers or adults may have a certain educational effect if they use serious criticism.
However, serious criticism can also hurt young children’s self-esteem and even cause him to reject and resist.
However, if we use another suitable way to conduct criticism education, that is, “sweet criticism” for daily education, it will play a positive and caring role in certain circumstances.
A survey of more than 1,000 parents on the website of the Haoyueyuan website shows that in daily education, the “sweet” criticism is more emotionally caring and kind, and it is easier for children to accept.
Well-intentioned criticism contains the love of the critics for the critics!
When the child realizes “love,” he can readily accept criticism and correct mistakes in time.
Therefore, we suggest that parents and teachers in daily education can learn to educate their children with “sweet” criticism in a timely manner!

Parents are not far away

Parents are not far away

In the ancient times when the word “filial piety” was the first, some people would say that this sentence is not a bit “children’s love”, “there is no ambition in the chest”, and it is even more laughter in the contemporary.

The word “floating” is popular in modern times. When you are young, you will go to the rivers and lakes, or go to school to start a great cause. In short, you must look at the world.

Parents, that can only be remembered when they are quiet or Chinese New Year.

Of course, everyone will say, there is no way, the times are different. I am very lucky and can live with my father.

Although the father said more than sixty, it looks very spiritual.

But since I committed cervical spondylosis last year, I learned to care more, pay attention to some, and found that my father is also very changed.

I remember that I always wanted to work hard. If I have the opportunity to go out to study, I always support myself. Recently, I always say, “Some things let young people do it, opportunities for young people.” It seems that I am old.I was going to the Nanjing Board of Directors this weekend. In fact, I want to go there, because after that, I mainly want to finish the problem. I have to understand a lot of things and I have to learn a lot.

But on Thursday night, my father suddenly became sick again in the cervical spine. This is very dangerous for my father. I have to lie down and rest at any time, because the brain will have insufficient oxygen, and it will be better on Friday.

In my temptation, don’t go, let others go.

My father was very happy. I will be more at ease with him.

Yes, what is more important than the father’s body?

“Parents are not far away” is when the parents are old, as the children try to do.

When the parents are old, the children gradually become their main bones. The children can be around and they feel warm and at ease. I can feel this now.

Fun indoor parent-child games in winter

Fun indoor parent-child games in winter

Play is to make life interesting, to spend time with children, to use wisdom, to make children happy, and to make yourself happy.

So as long as you are smart parents, although it is a lot of taboos in winter, we can also make boring life gamification and fun . Winter games start from comfort and safety. Winter, games must be realized with comfort and safety.
Do not relax your vigilance for indoor games.

  1. The air should flow, refuse to close the doors and windows tightly.

To increase the temperature in the room, you may like to keep the doors and windows closed.

But environmental experts do not agree with this approach, because you and your baby may feel uncomfortable with the dirty air in the house.

It is recommended to open the window at least twice a day for at least 30 minutes each time, and easy to choose in the morning and afternoon for two hours.

  2, the room temperature should be warm, refuse to be damp and cold.

Whether it is heating by electric heaters or heating pipes, it is more appropriate to keep the temperature of the family at 18-20 degrees with the baby, not too low and adjacent, nor too high.

  3. The environment must be safe, and the hidden dangers should be rejected.

Whether it’s the living room, bedroom or kitchen, wherever your baby can go, be sure to check for potential safety hazards.

For example, wires, sockets are empty, sharp knives, table legs, cockroach medicine, small substitutes, daily necessities, etc.

Before playing the game, you should also pay attention to removing some extra items and try to be as spacious as possible.

  I divide indoor games in winter into the following three categories: bedroom games, living room games, and kitchen table games.

  Bedroom games: In addition to sleeping in the bedroom, you can also use it as a happy game world.

Compared to the kitchen and living room, the bedroom is a safer and warmer place to play.

The magical use of bedding such as quilts, sheets and pillows is a parody of bedroom games.

  First, the kitten drills holes: exercise the baby’s crawling ability, develop the baby’s hands and feet coordinated crawling movements, and explore the spirit.

  Game preparation: a quilt.

Gameplay: Roll a large air-conditioning quilt into a large bucket.

Dad and mother were sitting on each end of the quilt, pinching the two corners of the quilt, and turned the quilt into a “hole” shape.

Place the baby at the end of the “hole” of the quilt, and the parents call the baby separately, or use some toys to guide the baby into the hole like a kitten.

While the baby is drilling in and out, mom and dad can cheer for the baby while reading the rhymes.

“A little cat, got into the quilt, crawled, crawled, crawled, crawled out of the small hole.

“Mom and dad can also pat here on the quilt while the baby is drilling holes, knock there, let the quilt touch the baby, and make it crawl more and more vigorously.

  Second, the kitten crosses the river: strengthen the baby’s sense of balance and exercise her brave character.

  Game preparation: sturdy sheets.

How to play: Put the sheets on the bed, parents hold one end of the sheets, and the child lies in the middle.

  Parents begin dialysis sheets, which can be smaller and slower at first. Let the children get familiar with them and encourage them to be brave and not afraid.

Tell the baby that he is a kitten and is ready to cross the river in a boat.

Slowly, the bed sheet leaves the bed or the ground some distance, the four corners of the parents holding the bed sheet shake, like a boat in the river, can start smaller, slower, and gradually increase.

Tell your baby to roll around to maintain balance.

If your baby is over 2 years old, you can increase the maximum range and strength to encourage your child to walk, crawl, jump, etc. among the sheets.

  Due to indoor venue restrictions, moms often worry that indoor games will make you and your children feel boring and uninspiring.

In fact, as long as parents use their brains to compare the above games with each other, you can add more fun to your gamesPlay parent-child games.

It is specifically designed to train infants’ tactile sensations according to their psychological characteristics, and can also train infants to classify invisible objects.

  Game preparation: an opaque cloth pocket; various fruits and nuts, such as bananas, oranges, apples, walnuts, peanuts, seeds, grapes, oranges, grapefruits, etc .; or various small toys, such as pistols, cars, rattles,Toy rabbit, mobile phone, bear, dog, handkerchief, hat, gloves, etc.

How to play: Parents hold cloth pockets filled with category items and read to the children: “There are so many magical pockets, please come and touch them.”” And told the child, “Please reach out and touch something in the bag. You can’t show it out and don’t peek.

Tell me (ie parents) after touching, what you touch.

After the baby puts out the items one by one, parents can raise the requirements: “Please tell me what kind of items these items belong to?

For example, bananas, apples, pears, etc. are fruits. What kind of handkerchief socks?

What kind of puppy is a plush bunny?

“And ask the toddler to organize the items by hand.

After the child is familiar with the game, let the child touch it and say, “This is a pear in fruit.

“and many more.

In order to increase children’s interest, parents and children swap positions, let children ask questions, parents touch and answer, and finally let the children identify right or wrong.

  In this game, parents need to use their brains, use their brains, and constantly enrich the “content” in the “pockets”, or change the shape of the pockets, such as turning the cloth pocket into a Santa’s boot, a beautiful paper boxWait.
To increase the interest of young children and promote the development of young children’s perception, especially vision and touch.

  Second, “light and shadow” games: In the winter night, parents can play “light and shadow” games with their babies.

This game is to be played in a spacious living room, which can improve the coordination and coordination of children’s movements, responsiveness, and understanding of light and shadow.

  Game preparation: Do this game at night with a flashlight or laser pointer.

How to play: Pay attention to the safety of the living room. The room must be relatively spacious, but the furniture should be placed as close as possible. There is enough space for the armor to allow the child to run.

Remove protruding, sharp objects.

If the room is not big enough, let the child run alone.

Adults turn off the lights in the room, and use a flashlight or laser pointer to shine light and shadow on the ground, and let the children catch and step on them.

  Be careful not to shake the flashlight too fast, to give the child enough reaction time, you can slowly increase the shaking speed.

The light can only shine on the open space of the room. Do not shine into the children’s eyes, it will damage the children’s eyesight.

You can also point the flashlight to the ceiling or above, let the baby look up to find the location of light and shadow, and quickly point out.

When your baby is a little older, you can teach him some hand shadow games, such as the most common hand shadows such as “dog head”, so that the baby can better understand the relationship between light and shadow, strengthen the hand posture changes, and practice fine movements.

  Kitchen table game: You are busy preparing for dinner, but the child is standing by the apron and grabbing you by the side.

Because of the high risk factor in the kitchen, I don’t recommend babies to play in the kitchen; but in the winter kitchen table, the meals are often fragrant and warm, and they will always attract the babies to explore the kitchen.

  When the mother is cooking, the baby can stay at the kitchen table, and when the mother is not too busy, she can do parent-child games with the baby.

These games do not require much time and energy, as long as you take care of the communication with your baby while cooking.

But pay attention to the safety issues on the kitchen table: first put away sharp objects such as knives, forks, and tell the children not to disturb the children, do not get near the burning appliances, do not recognize things casually; make things for children to play, it is bestThose that do not pose a danger even if eaten.

  First, taste the game: play at the table, suitable for babies who start to eat complementary foods. This can exercise the child’s sense of smell, taste, and can also enrich the child’s language expression ability.

  Game preparation: fruits with different flavors, such as apples, pears, oranges, etc .; or soups, such as syrup, milk, rice soup, etc .; or cooked meals (but not too strong).

How to play: Let the children smell and smell the soup or fruit with different flavors first, and talk about the smell.

Give the baby a taste, tell the baby the name and taste, and let the baby learn to tell it by himself.

It feels different from when I smelled it.

The meals that are usually prepared can also be tasted by the baby.

  You can also upgrade this game to smell the game, smell the different fruits for the baby, tell him the name of the fruit, and then let the baby close his eyes, and the mother takes another fruit to let the baby smell and say the name of the fruit.

  Second, the spoon-carrying bean game: The spoon-carrying bean game is suitable for playing on the dining table. This game helps to practice the baby’s ability to hold a spoon, strengthen the fine movements of the hand, and cultivate the child’s habit of focusing and doing things seriously.

  Game preparation: one small spoon for babies, two small bowls, one peanut or soy beans, preferably a small bun that can be eaten.

How to play: Prepare two small bowls, put soybeans, peanuts, etc. in one of the small bowls, and the other bowl is empty.

The parents showed the rules of the game to the baby: scoop out the beans with a spoon and transport them to another empty bowl.

Require no beans to fall out.

Let your baby learn to do it until the beans in the bowl have been shipped. After the baby learns this method of transporting beans with a spoon, parents can participate in the competition: prepare four bowls, two spoons, and two beans.

You and your child each take a spoon and move the beans to another empty bowl to see who moves fast and well.

If the child likes to play, he can move the beans back and forth between the two bowls.

If the baby wins, it is better to have some small rewards.

10 tips for stockpile at the end of the scan_1

10 Goods Tips for Last Sweep

In the end is the sweeping season, facing discounts from major skin care brands, do you know how to buy?

What type of skin care products are you really looking for?

How should I use the products I bought at home?

Seven tips for stockpiling at the end of the year allow you to buy less.

  Seven tips for more scientific choices1.

Before you buy, you should fully understand the actual use. By referring to the experience of others, you can make an accurate judgment between single function and multi-effect.Brands are trying it, it is a waste of time and money!


To achieve the desire for effective skin care within minutes, a simplified, multi-effect, high-quality full-effect skin care product is already necessary.

The true full effect can not be achieved by a simple superposition of several effects.

R & D personnel around the world do everything they can to explore all kinds of rare and cutting-edge technologies, which have cost a lot of money over the years, and it makes sense to be expensive.


How exactly do skin care products work with overlap to have a greater than 2 effect?

According to the 3W principle-who?



For example, whether to use cream and eye essence at the same time may depend on the season. Some eye essence alone is sufficient in summer, and other seasons can be overlapped.

Basically it depends on your skin condition. If the skin around your eyes has a strong demand for improvement, you should add high-efficiency eye essence.


Evening intensive care results in product concentration and nourishing treatments.

However, it should be noted that the effective ingredients of the essence products with shorter nursing cycles are relatively effective. For example, the essence treatment with a 7-day cycle does not require the use of other essences during the day, as long as the cream is sufficient.

In addition, you must choose to do intensive care during a period of less stress and comfortable mood to ensure adequate sleep, so as to achieve the best results.


Those products that have high cost performance, have a good reputation and win the favor of many fans, excellent use results and strong brand science and technology support, let it have a luxury brand that can surpass beauty.


Make-up masters often have special little inspirations to make amazing gadgets, which are definitely not restricted by tradition.

However, these products are not just to please you fancy, or you must start with an excellent treasure box of “multiple things”.


We must admit that there is still a difference in the effectiveness of a product with a fair price and an expensive product.

And what we have to do is to rationally allocate our investment, reduce, anti-wrinkle, anti-relaxation, shrink pore essence, eye cream, and high-tech can really see the effect, so only the laboratories of expensive brands can provide you with the most advanced,The most outstanding product.

  Ten tips to buy more value-added1.

As a makeup remover, cleansing product that is used every day and consumes a lot of time, but stays for a few minutes, buying too expensive products does not meet the “SMART” principle.


Based on the oil-melt oil makeup remover principle, the cleansing active agent is gentle enough, the molecules are small enough to penetrate the pores, and the affordable products can also be done. You only need to pay attention to whether the product can be thoroughly emulsified without leaving harmful to the skin and poresThese points are enough.


Anti-wrinkle and whitening can be achieved by removing makeup and cleansing.


Every day, more and more women use the “film” power of a facial mask, which means that adherence to it is more effective than super efficacy!

  5. Leaving aside the tempting taste, color and design, you can find a good shower gel in the supermarket open shelf brand. The key is to remember to wash it cleanly and mildly.

Body lotions, like masks, are the truth every day.

And some of the town brand’s treasures known for their body care are better.


Dozens of dollars but very easy to use hand cream too much, containing urea, lanolin, Q10?

You can buy it in the supermarket and it doesn’t hurt at all.


Like lip balms, there is no instant magic, and the truth is often used.


Eyebrow pencils, eyebrow powders, lip liners, and formulas will not be constantly updated. The affordable brands that belong to big groups will not lag behind high-end brands, so there is no need to buy expensive ones.


Nail polish, in addition to the formula does not have too high requirements, the color of cheap brands is more tide, more, as girls who often need to change the color of nail polish to match clothes, cheap brands are certainly more cost-effective.

Japan’s popular Yin Yoga loses 4 pounds a week

Japan’s popular Yin Yoga loses 4 pounds a week

Japanese popular Yin Yoga loses 4 pounds a week!

Body slimming yoga, yin yoga is not another alternative or another name for yoga posture, it is just a fresher portal that is familiar to masters and takes over.

  Lie on your back with your knees bent, holding your hands above you and pulling them towards your chest.

The chest is open and the waist is on the ground.

Associate for 1 minute, then lie on your back and lie tightly, and repeat again 3-5 times.

  Sit on the ground, quietly turning your legs to the side, gently lowering your lower body forward to comfort the sciatic nerve.

Pay attention to what you can do, and at the same time feel the stretch of the thigh.

  Yinyoga is a portal created by American yoga instructor PaulGrilley in 1979, and there are many practitioners.

He is a medical doctor himself.

He linked his yoga practice and medical disadvantages, and carefully studied the connection of the human body with several Japanese scholars, combining the essence of Chinese mysticism and martial arts, and at the same time linking the qualities of yoga to form a fresh portal.

  Body Slim Yoga sits comfortably on the heel to comfort the foot.

At the same time, the abdomen is tightened, and the spine is naturally curled.

Put your palms up on your thighs, close your eyes, and breathe for 1 minute.

  To do Yin Yoga, in addition to slimming body: Japanese popular Yin Yoga loses 4 pounds a week!

In addition to the common part of body slimming yoga for breathing, another criterion is that the lower body must be extended, and the upper body has a little muscle training.

Because he thinks that most people’s leg activities are only walking, running or muscle training, stretching is insufficient, so they need to stretch more.

But for balance, the upper body needs to exercise some muscles.

  Promote digestive resistance to prevent temporary transport of lying on your back, hold your legs and feet quietly with your hands and stretch to the side, twisting and winding.

In order to alleviate the seriousness of the hip joint, do not leave the ground, and mean breathing is connected at the same time.

Do the legs 5-10 times each.

6 good habits to create a truly lean physique

6 good habits to create a truly lean physique

American authoritative nutrition expert Jim Karas is the founder of Jim Carras personal trainer company and a fitness coach for many celebrities. His two New York Times best-selling weight-loss books The Cardio-FreeDiet and FliptheSwitch”Also sought after by everyone.

He customized the weight loss methods suitable for women according to their specific conditions such as height and weight. He also achieved good results by using short-term high-intensity and stretching training as the main body weight loss rule.

Among them, JimKaras’s weight-loss method of changing physique from the inside is quite popular.

Hold your mouth and stretch your legs. This is not enough. Follow the steps of a slimming master to create a real lean body!

  Tip1: Breakfast must eat calorie-burning energy for breakfast every day. If you eat too much, it will cause a slight accumulation. If you start dieting from the first meal of the day, you will eat more later.

The slimming master said: breakfast should try to consume high-protein, high-fiber foods as much as possible, and controlling calories between 300 and 400 can increase daily metabolism in order to obtain the maximum benefits.

  Tip2: Trick your stomach and ask yourself if you often eat all the food in the bowl and have a dessert after dinner?

Not to mention eating more than others. Doing so will only support the stomach.

Slimming master said: Appropriately ingest low-calorie but high-concentration fruits, it is easy to produce satiety but will not absorb extra transformations and aunts.

Salmon and chicken breast are also foods that can be high in protein and should be consumed regularly.

In addition, using whole wheat bread or multi-grains with vegetables such as chicken, green peppers, and cabbage, will be a good combination.

Karas also recommends consuming 3 grams of high-fiber food 15 minutes before dinner, because it can give you a sense of satiety and eliminate edema.

  Tip3: “Keeping a distance” from healthy but high-transient foods is not a complete refusal, it is just about maintaining a proper “distance”.

Slimming masters say: like olive oil and avocado, a spoonful of olive oil and 1/4 avocado a day is enough ingredients, even the healthiest whole wheat bread should not eat one whole at a time.

  Tip4: Stay away from high-oil foods and say no to fatty foods.

Under normal circumstances, home cooking and pasta have higher oil content. A plate of pasta contains up to 36 grams of aunt, while a regular 6 filet mignon is only 11.

2 grams of aunt, don’t underestimate these oils!

Slimming master says: Try to add a process to the cooking-pepper, or other spices that can be seasoned, they can be converted into your energy when burning calories.

  Tip5: The instantaneous cycle does not have to worry too much about supplements every morning, so that the extra calories become your psychological and physical motivation, and prevent you from reducing your metabolism due to long-term reduction of low-dose food.

The slimming master said: Women with relatively petite stature can control overlapping replacements at 1100 calories for two consecutive days, 1600 calories per day, and 1100 calories for two consecutive days.
This is a cycle; tall women are controlled at 1,200 cards for two consecutive days, 1,700 cards a day, and so on.

  Tip6: Exercise moderate metabolism. Excessive aerobic exercise will cut off the immune system, increase appetite, and damage muscles.

Women exercise to learn how to consume abnormally increased muscle mass.

Slim master said: The best way-interval strength training.

Information for parents: summer baby diet

Information for parents: summer baby diet

As summer approaches, the weather becomes hotter and the temperature rises, the child will have a series of physiological reactions, which will lead to a loss of energy, loss of appetite, and weight loss.

The hot weather in summer is also the season when diarrhea occurs most often, especially in the intestines and gastrointestinal tract of children. Once they are attacked by germs, they may diarrhea continuously.

What do you do in the summer to “stomach”?

How to eat to be healthy?

  Article 1: It ‘s cool and refreshing. In the summer, some people will lose their appetite, and even babies are no exception. It is recommended that when you prepare meals for your children, do n’t forget the “appetizing, good-looking” principle.Good food, take good care of your baby’s appetite, for example: cold vegetables, vegetable puree, fruit juice, fruit puree, etc., are all good dishes.

  In addition, Mummy can also show good cooking skills, make some refreshing and nutritious snacks, and help children nourish.

Zheng Manqin is outstanding. The agar is easy to be gelatinous. It is both delicious and nutritious. Therefore, mommy can often make cold agar jelly for children’s snacks. Or he can make orange, apple, mango and other fruits into the dish and makeThe hearty fruit dishes and other dishes are popular with children.

  Article 2: Balance, nutrition In addition to taste, nutrition must be taken into account. Zheng Manqin said that replacing high-protein foods such as tofu, milk, vegetables and fruits with meat is a good way.

In addition, it is not advisable to eat less grains. If the baby has a bad taste, Mummy can be replaced with porridge, cold noodles, etc., which is easy to import and has nutritious recipes to cause the baby’s appetite.

I want to remind you that your child ‘s diet is influenced by his parents. It is recommended that moms should take care of their children ‘s nutritional needs when cooking, that is, not only do they dare to eat or children ‘s favorite food.

  In addition, young children’s stomachs have not yet matured. When feeding, it is advisable to adopt mild foods and avoid foods that are too cold and hot to avoid maladjustment.

In addition, the type and appearance of food should be changed to increase the appetite of the child, but it should be avoided to give foods that are too heavy and too greasy, such as chocolate and potato chips.

In order to encourage children to eat more, small meals are also a good way. For example: giving small buns and snacks that can be held in the hand, in addition to allowing children to hold them, they can also train their chewing ability.

  Article 3: Cleanliness, Hygiene In addition to eating the “stomach” in the summer, you must also take into account balanced hygiene to protect the baby’s gastrointestinal tract.

So there are some cooking rules that are sloppy.

Zheng Manqin said that if the food is not well preserved in the summer, it can easily cause gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea.

Therefore, when mommy buys food, she should focus on freshness, and avoid buying hot dogs, sausages, and other chemicals with additives or additives, so as not to affect the growth of children.

  Vegetables and fruits may contain pesticides, so they should be washed or soaked before cooking to reduce the pesticide content.

It should not be kept at room temperature for too long when it is stored to avoid deterioration. Raw food and cooked food should be handled separately when cooking; things placed in the refrigerator should master the FIFO principle and pay attention to the shelf life; food should not be thawed repeatedly to avoidDiscounted freshness, affecting taste, nutrient loss, or changes in chemicals such as pesticides.

For cooked food, it is best to eat it in 2 minutes, and check the coldness of the refrigerator once a week (freezing -18 ℃, refrigerating 7?
8 ° C).

  Article 4: Drinking beverages should pay attention to the “best” after the time bottle should have fragrance.

Fresh milk is milky white, the milk is uniform, without precipitation, clots, impurities, and milky flavor.

The surface of the iron cans of canned beverages must not be damaged, leak air or liquid, and be put into a drum. If a drum sound is heard when the can is hit, it indicates that bacteria have multiplied and cannot be eaten.

Colds in summer and spring can eat more water spinach

Colds in summer and spring can eat more water spinach

If a child eats too much, he will catch a cold. This kind of cold is called “transplantation type” cold, which occurs in summer. It is mainly related to the child’s irregular diet, snacks, too many high-protein things, and caused digestive disorders.

Experts point out that eating more water spinach helps toxin replacement in the body and is good for preventing “perfusion cold”.

  Zhao Kun, Director of Pediatrics of the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was very busy this summer. There are three and a half days outpatient clinics every week, and it is usually one or two hours late from work. There are always a few children with pneumonia and high fever waiting in the ward.

  Many pneumonias in the summer are eaten. Too much to eat, too much disorder causes digestive dysfunction, loss of appetite, frequent constipation, palm fever, etc., which is called “internal heat by food” in Chinese medicine.

  Children with food accumulation have decreased immunity and are susceptible to colds when they experience cold or cold drinks.

This kind of cold often appears as a digestive tract symptom, which manifests as anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, and some people are accompanied by fever, so it is called an inhaled cold.

If the treatment is not timely, the upper respiratory tract infection spreads to the lower respiratory tract, which can cause bronchitis and pneumonia.

  Therefore, be sure to hold your child’s mouth in summer.

Especially in summer vacations, children eat foods in addition to playing, it is easy to have food accumulation.

  Director Zhao pointed out that children should eat less barbecue, fried, puffed food and more vegetables and fruits.

For example, water spinach, cucumber, winter melon, tomatoes, carrots, etc. are rich in vitamins. The crude fiber contained in water spinach helps to excrete interconnected toxins. The rich potassium in tomatoes can supplement the excessive potassium lost in sweating in summer.
  In addition, among the summer fruits, Zhao Kun first recommended watermelons.

Children with poor appetite due to hot weather can drink some tea. For children around three years old, 10 grams each of malt, hawthorn and Divine Comedy can be used, and Jianshui as tea, drink 3 times a day.