Pre-pregnancy checkups are insurance for your baby’s health

Pre-pregnancy checkups are insurance for your baby’s health

Pre-pregnancy medical examination is necessary. These multiple issues are related to the child’s personal life and also to the happiness of a family.

  Misunderstanding has done a marriage check, pregnancy test is not necessary for the health of the baby who pays?

Marriage or pregnancy test?

“Of course it is a pregnancy test, which is a basic check to ensure eugenics.

Professor Deng said that after marriage, both the husband and wife will cause changes in their physical health due to their living environment and habits, and these changes may cause problems in the health of the newborn.

  The health status of a healthy baby during pregnancy is good. If you want to have a healthy baby, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the physical condition of both spouses.

“Professor Deng said that if you become pregnant after discovering that you are infected with certain diseases or your baby is unhealthy after giving birth, you will add more trouble.

In fact, a couple should have a weekly plan before gestating a baby. Physical examination before pregnancy is a basic common sense, which is equivalent to buying insurance for the baby’s health.

Give bodies time to weight loss

Give “bodies” time to “weight loss”

If you are a housewife, the following housekeeping activities will definitely help you: 1.
To keep you energized all day, wake up every morning and do some light exercise in bed.
When you just woke up, turn your body to the side, put your hands under your head, and slowly roll your knees.
This posture can make the muscles elastic and relieve the tension in the back.
If you want to strengthen the abdomen and front neck, you may wish to stretch your legs straight, lie on your back, lay your hands on both sides, raise your head and shoulders for 5 seconds, 10 times important.
To make your leg muscles fit, you can slowly pull your knees toward your chest until you feel tension on the back of your thighs and calves.
Hold this position for a few seconds, then relax, and repeat, practicing only one leg at a time.
When ironing, cooking, arranging flowers, and other standing work, you may wish to stretch your legs and stand upright, which is also an exercise.
In addition, when doing indoor cleaning, if you only have a broom, mop or vacuum cleaner in your hand, don’t just move your arms and your whole body should be in motion, and let the ankle, hip, and knee joints move together.
When you bend over and pick something up, you should bend your waist or thigh, as if you are doing a hand-to-toe exercise. This will strengthen the muscles of your thighs and buttocks.
When walking, straighten your back and raise your head, like a puppet with a straight line.
Use the free time of cooking or washing dishes, use the stove as a ballet practice place, stand sideways at 90 cm from the stove, hold the edge of the table with your left hand, lift your right leg, knee and toes straight, and swing it back and forth 10Repeat the exercise with the left leg, then straighten the arms facing the sink, bend the knees by holding the pool, and hold it for 5 seconds.
I usually buy some big clothes at home to wear.
This does not mean that you “grow up” to wear hypertrophy clothes, but that you can get rid of the “guilt of obesity” after wearing such clothes.
It doesn’t cost a lot of money, but you can quickly lose weight.
This is exactly a kind of psychological “first aid method”.

6 small economic cheats to make your skin look different

6 small economic cheats to make your skin look different

Although most of the time, we see our exquisite and beautiful face in the mirror, but in fact, at least three-quarters of the time, our side or half-face is the focus of others’ eyes.

But many people’s profile is not perfect.

If you want to win under the 360 ° gaze, you must not reduce the beauty index due to the omission of the side face. Only by paying attention to maintenance can you refine the side face contours in all aspects and achieve 100% side face beauty.

  Short-term side maintenance strategy: 10 minutes to quickly tighten the side face care products to reduce fat and swelling faeces and edema are the number one suspects that cause the contour of the side face to be blurred. To solve this problem, in addition to overall weight loss and conditioning, you also need to prescribe medicine for the side face.
  Facial and swollen facial products range from professional massaging facial creams to daily skin care products with corresponding functions. The range of choices is very wide, and the effective ingredients are from the most basic caffeine to eliminate puffiness, to grapefruit and green tea for cellulite.Essence, then to high-tech botulinum-like bacteria.

However, in the selection of the area, we usually pay too much attention to the changes in the face shape from the front, so the vicinity of the masseter muscle has become the focus of attention.

Some areas that are most susceptible to edema and accumulation under the ears and double chins are ignored.

  Because these sides are densely lymphatic areas, if the circulation is not smooth, moisture and slightness are easy to accumulate on the edges of the side faces, and the sides and the ears are also places where the acupuncture points are concentrated. It is worth doing some maintenance work for them.

Choose a thin face massage product, bend your four fingers, use the second knuckle to start down from the top, and step on it slowly.

The chin, the lower edge of the upper and lower cheeks, and the under the cheekbones are all places that need attention.

Massage around the ears, you can use the forefinger of the forefinger to knuckle in small circles to repeatedly block.

You will feel extra soreness at the beginning of the massage, but after a week or two, you will notice the relief of the conversion soreness, and the contours of the bones on the side of the face will gradually begin to escape from the tiny and swollen infiltration and emerge.

  Tight Lifting When using firm anti-wrinkle products, the expression lines on the forehead, the corners of the eyes and the corners of the mouth appear to be the key areas, but we can easily find that many Hollywood actresses with crow’s feet embellishments still look because of the tight overall contourVery young, certain Kate.

Blanchett, despite the obvious smiley lines on her eyes, but the perfectly skinny profile added to her beauty.

Another example is Fan Bingbing. Previously, there was a natural neckline in front, but it did not bring an extra sense of age.

Only the slight wrinkles caused by loose skin on the sides are the surprisingly old-fashioned killer.

And the bad news is that even thinner people will have double chins, and even to avoid becoming “flossy”, they must try to improperly “slacky.”

Because the gravity of the earth will not stop for a moment, the struggle against it must be all-round, anytime, anywhere.

  From the age of 25, the front to resist time should be fully spread.

Starting from the outside, in addition to the firming antioxidants of the face, choosing another neck cream that suits your skin will be a must-kill measure to ensure that you look younger than your peers in a few years.

Internal conditioning cannot be ignored.

If you don’t have time to start with the recipe to improve your diet, taking care products such as collagen and VE internally can also add to the battle to protect the side curve.

  In addition to massage techniques, many brands’ main auxiliary tools are to save you a lot of effort in this protracted battle.

In addition to the most common roller-shaped massage, a massage board suitable for the contours of different parts of the face can more effectively fit the side face, which is very helpful for improving the contours around the cheeks.

  Long-term strategy for side-face maintenance: 28 days to witness skin contouring productsGo fast.

If you don’t have enough patience, but want to get quick results, you need to rely on the effectiveness of micro plastic surgery. The best thing is that it can also improve some areas that cannot be maintained by maintenance, such as nose and chin.In the area, as long as you use micro plastic surgery for a little extra points, the side face perfection can be greatly improved.

  Chin, nose shape bonus: Looking from the side face, the nose shape is straight and exquisite, and the chin must have a slight forward curvature to meet the side face aesthetics best.

You can inject macromolecules of hyaluronic acid, pull the chin down and make a beautiful arc forward, which can effectively improve the lines on the side of the face.

The wound was just a pinhole, and the recovery period was fast.

The nasal shape can also use the hyaluronic acid to shape the taller mountain roots and nasal bones, improving the three-dimensional feeling of the side face.

  Bonus points to the jaw line: Botoxin has not only a thin face removal effect, but it has also recently been applied to the jaw line to lift the whole face, reducing the muscle strength of the pull down, making the muscle strength of the pull up stronger, and sagging.The side face is also raised upwards, and the whole person will look younger.

This method is most suitable for mature men and women aged 30 to 45.

It’s not oranges that get angry and have cold stomachs

It’s not oranges that get angry and have cold stomachs

Recently, a large number of oranges have been on the market, but many people dare not eat more, thinking that eating more will “get angry”.

Experts point out that the recent increase in patients with oral ulcers is not entirely the fault of oranges.

  Relevant experts said that oranges are warm and belong to hot fruit, but the reason for “getting angry” is not because of it.

People with a large internal heat will easily get angry. If they are tired and their immunity is reduced, eating oranges will often add fuel to the fire.

In particular, some people will eat some roasted meat before eating oranges. These roasted goods will steal saliva, cause dryness of the oral environment, coupled with drinking less water, talking more, staying up late, dry weather, internal fire and dryness can easily induce oral ulcers.

  Experts said that oranges have the effects of nourishing the lungs, relieving cough, resolving sputum, strengthening the spleen, smoothing the air, and quenching thirst. It is a superior fruit for men and women, especially the elderly, patients with acute and chronic bronchitis and cardiovascular disease.

  Cold stomach, fear of cold in the winter, anemia, people with heavy menstrual flow can eat some oranges, especially for elderly patients who often take antihypertensive drugs.

However, patients with fever, fever, infectious diseases, and menopausal women should eat as little as possible.

Charm Raiders 15 tricks of OL discharge winks

Charm Raiders 15 tricks of OL discharge winks

Are you still frustrated with skin problems in your eyes?

  I can’t hide my dark circles, and the fine lines on the corners of my eyes keep deepening at the same time. I never dare to look at others for more than two seconds. I always feel guilty and I will find the secret of my eyes . the most attractive “weapon”Sadly lost its effect.

If you want to solve the problem, you must first find out the reason, and then you can cure your glamorous eyes with the right medicine!

  The eyes play an absolutely critical role in your personal charm. Imperfections in the skin on the eyes, or premature aging, are a major concern for every woman.

Here are 4 kinds of eye problems that often occur. Look at yourself in the mirror and replace the eye cream that suits you.

  1. Fine lines ripple when you smile. Fine lines on the eyes are a problem everyone encounters, because the thickness of the skin on the eyes is only 0.

05mm is the most delicate and fragile part of the facial skin structure. It is easy to produce fine lines due to the movement of the eyeball or blinking, pulling on the skin with various expressions.

Coupled with the lack of sebaceous gland moisturization and sebum film barrier, it is particularly prone to dehydration, so it is more fragile than normal skin and is more prone to aging.


Solution The appearance of small fine lines must not be left unattended. The result of leaving it alone can only be fake-the small fine lines become crow’s feet that can never be removed!

In fact, as long as you choose the right product to give sufficient moisture and care to dry skin, fine lines will definitely be eliminated afterwards.


Recommended 4 strokes Lancome’s regenerating youth eye cream: it smooths the skin around the eyes when fine lines first appear.

Nanocapsules with obvious vitamin E can effectively alleviate the initial phenomenon of skin fine lines and expression lines around the eyes, which can cause the skin around the eyes to exhibit natural luster, glow young and glow, and make the eyes look bright.

  Meiyin Domusi Eye Care Gel: Soft and safe super beauty liquid for the eyes, which gives the skin vitality. The yellow essence particles will quickly bind to the skin during use, effectively preventing eye skin fatigue.Improves wrinkles in the eyes and contains highly effective moisturizing ingredients to effectively prevent the first generation of wrinkles on the skin.

Makes eye skin firm and elastic.

  DIOR Dior Revitalizing Eye Serum: Contains Dior Patented Technology Company: pure microprotein, lipid vesicles.

The fresh and moisturizing glue texture can smooth, activate, repair the skin around the eyes, and instantly restore bright eyes.

  Elizabeth Arden’s New Generation Time and Space Eye Capsule: Contains original molecular components, and has the dual effects of eye essence and eye cream.

After using, you will see the effect of firming and firming the eye skin the next morning; if you use it for a long time, the fine lines and dark circles will be significantly improved.

  2. The lumps of the eyelids that stay up all night or you used to work all night long. Excessive fatigue will affect the speed of metabolism, slow down blood circulation and cause retention, especially the eye skin covered with delicate microvessels.Swollen.

If you drink a few more glasses of water or cry a lot before going to bed, your eyes will become more swollen.


Solution Puffiness is the shortest eye problem, and the key to solving it is to promote the circulation metabolism of the microvessels around the eye.


Recommended 4 strokes DIOR fiber tightening eye cream: it has a good lifting effect, can eliminate edema, replace eye bags, make the eye skin firmer and more energetic.

  sisley Anti-Wrinkle Revitalizing Eye and Lip Cream: Effectively relieves, fights against sagging skin, and instantly shows firming effect.

Strengthens skin resistance and repairs damaged cells.

Anti-dark circles, puffiness phenomenon is very effective, restore the eye vitality.

Soothes eye pressure, fights external pollution, and appears bright.

  Guerlain Essence Eye Cream: It can effectively eliminate eye wrinkles, lasting moisture, improve skin texture, provide double protection; resist the early aging phenomenon of free radicals, and effectively filter the sun.

  Shuizhi O Eye Repair Serum: Helps eliminate eye problems such as bags under the eyes, and has a protective cover effect, making eye makeup easier and easier.

  3, there are several reasons to eliminate the formation of dark circles under the eyes of pandas: poor blood circulation due to fatigue, pigmentation or skeleton structure will cause the formation of dark circles.

Microvascular congestion will cause slight acute dark circles, if left unattended, it will cause hemoglobin deposition that is difficult to remove, and will become a consequence of chronic dark circles and long-term edema.

Melanin deposits are caused by sunlight, aging or inflammation.


The solution to the acute dark circles, you can use hot and cold compress alternately to soothe the eye skin.

For dark circles caused by melanin precipitation, it is recommended to use eye protection products with whitening effect.   ?

Recommended 3 tips Vichy Dual Vitamin Glow Eye Cream: A precise dose of pure vitamin A combined with pure vitamin C has dual effects.

Prevents and reduces dark circles and wrinkles.

Formulated for delicate eye skin, the texture is soft, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and non-irritating.

After use, the skin on the eyes is obviously moisturized and exceeds the gloss.

After reducing the use, wrinkles on the eyes are significantly reduced, dark circles are improved, and the skin becomes smooth.

  Biotherm Soothing Eye Cream: Creamy gel, extremely fresh and silky.

The fine small particles can quickly penetrate into the skin, soothing effect, obviously relieve the deterioration of fatigue, and immediately cover the dark circles and puffiness.

Gives immediate soothing sensation around the eyes

  Givenchy Green Tea Eye Cream: Seaweed extract can promote skin blood circulation and normal metabolism, preventing dark circles.

Effectively eliminate skin puffiness around the eyes and eliminate bags under the eyes.

Moisturizes, calms skin around eyes, makes skin lighter and prevents skin aging.

A gel-like cream that absorbs easily and feels extremely refreshing and soft.

  4, anti-spot sun protection Excessive sun exposure will leave deep or light stains on the face.

In fact, the delicate eye skin is more susceptible to UV rays.

Observe carefully if there are small brown spots around your eyes, then you should step up prevention.


Solution Sun protection for the eyes is as important as sun protection for the skin on other parts, but the product must be selected to avoid thick and greasy, in order to prevent pores from rupturing or irritating the eyes.

It is recommended to use the functions of eye products which have the functions of promoting metabolism and reducing whitening.


Recommended 4 strokes Estee Lauder Extra-Cream Whitening Eye Cream: Cool, moisturizing, silky eye cream helps reduce the formation of dark circles and make the skin around the eyes glow; with SPF15’s sun protection factor, it protects the skin from UVA and UVBViolations.
Gently apply on the eyes every morning and evening.

  Helena Vitamin A Skin Repair System Eye Cream: Vitamin A has a unique effect on wrinkled, dull skin and pigmented skin. It can completely renew the skin and effectively repair it.

After use, wrinkles and fine lines fade, eyelid skin is smoother, and damage caused by sun exposure (pigmentation, small flaws on the surface, etc.) will also be improved.

  YSL Extended Youth Eye Cream: Designed for fragile eye skin.

Effectively replenishes moisture, removes fine wrinkles, and is used once a day, the effective ingredient efficiency can last for 24 hours.

Fragrance-free and skin irritating preservatives, highly resistant, suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive ones.

  Lancome Moisturizing Soothing Eye Cream: The principle of action is based on the effectiveness of the soothing cream, which effectively prevents too many stress information molecules from binding to the cell, thereby suppressing the secretion of cytotoxins, while restoring the normal immune function of immune cells, enhancing skin’s self-protection ability andThe adaptability of the environment makes the skin regain a comfortable and soft natural feeling.

  Concluding remarks: The skin on the eyes is much more delicate than the skin on other parts, and we are committed to the care of the skin on the eyes. It only takes 15 strokes, so that you can take care of the “enchanting” eyes with full power!

Note that 6 people should not kiss newborn babies

Note that 6 people should not kiss newborn babies

Miss Zhang, who has just been promoted to mother, has had mixed feelings these days.

The two-month-old daughter, Yaya, is very cute. In the past two weeks, relatives, friends, and colleagues couldn’t help the mother and daughter when they came to see them.

However, in the past two days, Ms. Zhang found that her daughter had rashes in her body. In some places, she even started to collapse and rot into yellow water. Ms. Zhang was so anxious that she immediately added her daughter to the hospital for examination.The rash is the bane left by countless open mouths when kissing Yaya.

Six types of people should not kiss newborn babies Mao Xiaolan, director of the neonatal department of Chengdu Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, reminds parents: newborns have low immunity and disease resistance. If adults carry germs, they may be transmitted to the baby through close contact with the lips.
Therefore, mothers should take appropriate protective measures, especially in the following 6 cases, it is not appropriate for others (including baby parents) to kiss the baby.

People with blisters should not approach adults. If there are blisters the size of rice grains on the face, lip corners, eyes, hands, feet, etc., several or a dozen are connected together, and they are accompanied by fever or local lymphadenopathy.”Herpes simplex virus” because the above symptoms are typical manifestations of “herpes simplex virus” local virus infection.

“Herpes simplex virus” can be transmitted through kisses and other methods. It is not very harmful to adults but may be fatal to infants.

Those with heavy makeup should not lead to cosmetics that contain a large amount of lead, mercury or other chemicals. If they kiss the baby without removing makeup, these harmful substances will enter the baby’s body, which may cause complications such as contact dermatitis and chronic lead poisoning.

People with colds shouldn’t be near the stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, fever and other obvious cold symptoms, it is worthy of someone’s vigilance.

Because the baby’s resistance is weak and the immunity is poor, he may be infected with a cold virus if he is not careful, and even cause bronchitis, pneumonia, otitis media, or encephalitis, myocarditis.

Patients with oral diseases should not touch the lips directly. If adults have oral diseases such as gingivitis, pulpitis, dental caries, etc., there will be a large number of pathogenic bacteria in the mouth. By kissing the baby, these bacteria willEnter your baby’s mouth and cause your baby’s oral disease or other complications.

Diarrhea should not be near Although diarrhea is an infectious disease, the pathogenic bacteria enter the intestine through the mouth, so the oral cavity of the carrier is also the source of infection.

Kissing your baby, or using your tongue to taste hot and cold before feeding your baby, may increase your chance of getting dysentery.

Hepatitis patients should not be near If the adult is a hepatitis patient or a carrier of the hepatitis virus, kissing the baby is not safe enough.

The transmission of hepatitis A is mainly through the fecal-oral route and close contact in daily life, while hepatitis B is transmitted through injection, blood transfusion or blood products, contact, mother-to-child transmission, milk, saliva, and tears are all unsafe factors.

Give work a little love and happy work_1

Give work a little love and happy work

The test is in series with three groups A, B, and C. After the work is completed, group A will receive a low reward, group B will receive a heavy reward, and group C will have no reward.

In addition to this, Group A has to seriously tell others how interesting this work is.

As a result, group A (the group with lower rewards) liked the job more than anywhere else.

  What does this psychology experiment show?

When people face cognitive contradictions (although the work is boring, but they have to tell others that it is interesting), there will inevitably be a cognitive imbalance. After the imbalance, they will try to restore balance (I really think this work is interesting).

From this result, we can get a revelation: when you are in a job that you don’t love, try to accept it and try to love it.

  A survey of successful Americans shows that more than 94% of them are doing their favorite job.

A person who is dissatisfied with work and cannot work happily, no matter how hard he works, he will never perform well.

There is a lot of evidence that most of the failures are caused by people who dislike work and work without attention.

  Love my job, having a happy, optimistic, and positive work attitude is priceless. Many external conditions are of course necessary for our survival, but it is easier for a well-educated person to work.Reflect your own value and find happiness.

  Happy work!

12 mistakes you can’t make in a foreign company interview

12 mistakes you can’t make in a foreign company interview

In a job interview, no one can guarantee that no mistakes will be made.

It’s just that smart job seekers will continually fix errors and mature.

However, some of the mistakes in the interview are made by some very smart job seekers. We call them “advanced” mistakes.

The author summarizes the human resource management experience of multinational companies in the past 10 years, and breaks down the twelve kinds of common “advanced” mistakes to discuss with readers.

  First, the candidate is not good at breaking the silence at the beginning of the interview, and the candidate is not good at “breaking the ice” (literal translation in English, that is, breaking the silence), while waiting for the interviewer to open the conversation box.

During the interview, the test taker was reluctant to speak out because of various concerns, which made the interview cold.

It can barely break through the silence, and the tone of speech is extremely rigid, making the scene even more awkward.

In fact, whether before or during the interview, the interviewer actively compliments and talks, leaving the interviewer with a good impression of enthusiasm and good conversation.

  Second, the interviewer who is “proximity” with a certain degree of professionalism is taboo and the candidate is almost the same, because the relationship between the two parties in the interview is too casual or too nervous will affect the interviewer’s judgment.

Excessive “approach” will also objectively respond to candidates’ professional experience and skills in a short interview time.

Smart candidates can show one or two well-founded things to praise the recruiting unit and show your interest in this company.

  Third, it is influenced by prejudice or prejudice. Sometimes, the interviewer you know before joining the interview or the possibility assessment of the recruitment unit will influence the thinking in the interview.

I was mistaken for a seemingly indifferent interviewer who was either harsh or unsatisfactory, so I was very nervous.

At other times, the interviewer was a young lady who looked much younger than herself, and began to mutter, “How can she be qualified to interview me?

“In fact, in a special procurement relationship such as recruitment interviews, candidates as suppliers need to actively face different styles of interviewers, namely customers.

When facing a customer, a real salesperson cannot choose his attitude.

  Fourth, generous submissions, but no examples Candidates talk about personal achievements, specialties, and skills. Once a smart interviewer asks: “Can you give me two examples?

“The test taker was speechless.

The interviewer believes that facts speak louder than words.

In the interview, candidates should trust people with their so-called communication ability, problem-solving ability, teamwork ability, leadership ability, etc., and only imitate.

  Fifth, lack of positive attitude Interviewers often raise or touch things that embarrass the candidate.

Many people are red-faced, or dodging, or lying perfunctoryly, instead of answering honestly and explaining positively.

Let’s say the interviewer asks:?

What changed jobs 3 times in 5 years?

Some people may talk about how difficult the work is, the superiors don’t support it, etc., instead of telling the interviewer: Although the work is difficult, I have learned a lot and matured a lot.

  6. Loss of professionalism Some candidates perform well in various aspects during interviews. However, when asked about their current company or previous company, they will angrily destroy their boss or company, or even scold them.

In many large international companies, or in the presence of fully professional interviewers, this behavior is very taboo.

  Seven, not good at questioning Some people question when they should not ask questions, such as interrupting the interviewer’s personality during the interview and questioning.

Some people are not prepared enough to ask questions before the interview and do not know what to say when it is their turn to ask questions.

In fact, a good question will outweigh the countless pen and ink in your resume and will make the interviewer look at it.

  8. Vagueness of personal career development plans Many individuals have only goals and no ideas.

For example, when asking “What is your business development plan for the next 5 years?

“, Many people would answer,” I hope to be the national sales director within 5 years.

“If the interviewer then asks” Why?

“Examinees often feel inexplicable.

In fact, any specific career development goal is inseparable from your assessment of your existing skills and the thick-line skills development plan you need to prepare for your career goals.

  Nine, posing as a perfect interviewer often asks: What are your weaknesses in character?

Have you suffered any setbacks in your career?Someone will answer without hesitation: no.

In fact, this answer is often irresponsible to yourself.

No one has no weaknesses and no one has suffered setbacks.

Only by fully recognizing your weaknesses, and only by correctly understanding your own setbacks, can you create truly mature personality.

  X. The interviewers who are “introduced into the army” sometimes assess the candidates ‘business judgment and business ethics.

For example: After introducing the company ‘s honest and trustworthy corporate culture, the interviewer simply introduced nothing and asked: “As a financial manager, if I (the general manager) ask you to evade taxes of 10 million yuan within one year, what would you do

“If you think about tax evasion schemes on the spot, or Wen Siquanquan, immediately a large number of plans on both sides, it proves that you are on their trap.

In fact, in almost all large international companies, compliance with laws and regulations is the most basic requirement for employee behavior.

  Eleventh, take the initiative to inquire about salary and benefits. Some candidates will take the initiative to ask the interviewer about the salary and benefits of the position at the end of the interview.

Interviewers with existing human resources expertise are taboo about this behavior.

In fact, if the recruiting unit is well-known to candidates in some places, it will naturally ask about their rewards.

  Twelve, I do n’t know how to end many job candidates. At the end of the interview, because of the excitement of success, or the fear of failure, they could n’t speak fluently.

In fact, at the end of the interview, as a candidate, you do not hinder: express your understanding of the corresponding employment position; enthusiastically tell the interviewer your concerns about this position and ask what is the next step; smile and shake hands with the interviewerAnd thank you for your interview and consideration.

How a working mother finds a balance

How a working mother finds a balance

Nowadays, women are becoming more and more capable. In the workplace, it is extremely popular to fight and take care of children. People often praise these women for being like a superwoman.

In fact, in the hearts of these superwoman working mothers, the sweetness and bitterness are difficult to tell, and the feeling of “losing one another” makes them somewhat confused.

  On the one hand, it is dependent on your baby, and on the other hand, the work that depends on survival. How should I choose?

How to face it?

The reporter found that many working mothers face such a problem.

Both work and children are at the same time, both contradictory and regretful, but also helpless.

  Advantages: When a strong woman has a baby, Lara was originally a strong woman in her career, but she is thirty years old and it is time to have a baby.

After becoming pregnant, Lara didn’t dare to say that she was afraid that she would be transferred to a job she had already done.

But then my stomach grew bigger and bigger, and finally I had to face change.

When the company leader learned about Lara ‘s situation, he first expressed his “congratulations”, and then transferred another colleague to take over Lara ‘s job.

Lara was transferred to a marginal position until now.

The child is three years old, but Lala seems to be no longer able to see her early days, feeling a little gray.

“Is there really only one choice between a child and a career as a woman?

Helplessness: Sarah returned to her original “PR Manager” position after she gave birth to her baby with an ambitious red light.

Her work needs to go out for entertainment often, but now the baby is only more than six months old, Sara is not well rested at night, as a result, her physical strength and memory are not as good as before, her body shape has also changed, and Sara’s confidence has also deformed.

Sara told reporters: “Many people used to envy me for being smart, smart, and successful, but who am I now?

Slow head, forgetfulness, bloated figure-I feel bad whenever I look in the mirror.

“As a result, although Sara worked hard as always and wanted to perform at work, she still missed every opportunity for promotion.

  Hard work: Amei’s son, who is busy at both ends, is now 2 years old. As a new mother who has to work and take care of her children, Amei feels very hard.

“The child’s grandma helped me during the day, and I brought it with me after work at night, eating, drinking, eating fruit, playing games, bathing, and sleeping . a series of things made me tired to get down every day.

But life forced me to get up early the next day, help my son get dressed, wash his face, eat breakfast, and then hurried to work.

The hardships can only be felt by myself.

Amei deeply understood the meaning of the old saying “raising children to know their parents”, but she often felt tired too much.

  Regrets: I didn’t take good care of my child. I can only see my baby girl when I go home on the weekends.

When her daughter was only three months old, Maggie returned to work.

Initially, Maggie was troubled by the lack of a suitable nursery: whether public or private childcare institutions can accept very few babies up to the age of two, and the conditions may not be satisfactory.

Later, a nursery finally accepted her daughter, but after her daughter entered, she contracted chickenpox.

Coupled with “separation and worry”, “parent-child attachment” . Although Maggie is in the company, she can feel that she owes her baby.

  Expert opinion: Working mothers should do a good job of psychological construction. In psychological counseling, I have found that many working mothers will experience psychological anxiety and depression. In fact, this is normal.

Dr. Zhang told reporters: “When there are very significant changes in life, everyone needs an adaptation process.

The pressure of survival in modern society and the development needs of women themselves are expanding. More and more women must work hard and take care of their children.

Faced with the situation of “taking care of this and losing the other”, working mothers can carry out effective psychological construction by themselves.

Step One relaxes and rectifies the mood: If working mothers are always troubled by this “losing one another” emotion, it is difficult to really solve the problem.

Experts suggest that working mothers must first rectify their moods when constructing self-psychology.

“I recommend a breathing method to help relax.

Every 90?
In 120 minutes, working mothers can do such a relaxation activity that helps the brain decompress: Inhale, hold your breath and exhale as one breath to relax. Their golden ratio is 1: 4: 2. I usually take everyone to do two inhalations.The eight-shot breath-holding method, the better way is 3: 12: 6.

Breathing in this way can greatly reduce the pressure in the body.
While taking a deep breath, you must keep your brain focused and think about nothing. In this way, it is easy to adjust the physical condition you worry about back to normal. Working mothers can clear up some stress and thoughts in the process and complete the steps of psychological construction.
Step Two: Positively face change: Now that you have become a “working mother,” you must actively face change.

Experts advise working mothers not to demand too much of themselves. “If you usually ask 90 points for yourself, because after all you have become a mother, during the period of pregnancy or the child needs special care, just ask for 80 or 70 points.
In fact, although now lowering their requirements, it does not mean that it will always be the case.

Working mothers also need to have a development perspective on their situation.

“From another perspective, working mothers may not be completely” missing one another. ”

Studies have shown that full-time moms also have advantages and disadvantages for a mother’s physical health.

I suggest that “full-time moms” also only do 8 hours, so “working moms” actually have more social support resources.

In addition, after being a good mother, working mothers will have a stronger sense of responsibility at work for their children’s future and it will be more difficult for them to change jobs.

  Step 3 Do more communication: Experts say that when conducting psychological construction, it is also very important to do more communication.

“For your husband, if you need his help and love, just express it directly, because men usually have a lot of work pressure, and when they return home, it is actually difficult to observe the emotions of their loved ones very carefully. If you can remind them, These new fathers will also inevitably jump out.

Dr. Zhang said, “A new mother likes a brooch very much and sticks it to her every time she is unhappy.

At this time, her husband would come over and say, ‘dear, you are the most beautiful mother.

‘This is actually a good expression.

According to experts, working mothers can establish triple communication relationships: one is intimate relationships; the other is the same target (support group); the other is the target of assistance (experts). If there are experts and doctors, friends can call at any time.I think working mothers can relieve their emotions to a great extent.

  What can we do to help working mothers?

  Supplemental nutrition loss: According to Chen Dunjin, director of the Guangzhou Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in fact, many psychological problems of working mothers are caused by the lack of certain nutrients in the brain.

“After pregnancy, the mother’s physiology begins to face tremendous pressure and challenges, and generally decreases in strength, responsiveness, and memory. This situation may continue for about three years after the child is born.

Failure to pay attention to improving from supplementing essential nutrients will trigger more emotional stress and create a vicious circle.

“Professor Chen advises working mothers to supplement effective DHA.

“Data show that DHA loss in pregnant and lactating women is very serious, at the lowest it is only equivalent to 38% of normal DHA in non-maternal women.

Working mothers can achieve this through a combination of daily diet and taking pure DHA preparations.

“Promote social goodwill: In an interview with reporters, Dr. Zhang also advocated the support of the whole society for working mothers.

“Social support has a great effect. In psychology, this is called a ‘support team’.

If there is more understanding and goodwill for working mothers in the workplace and in the social environment, it will greatly encourage these working mothers, and it will also be conducive to family and social harmony.

Acupuncture treatment of acute lumbar sprain

Acupuncture treatment of acute lumbar sprain

Acute lumbar sprain is commonly known as “flashing waist” and “flashing waist cross-breathing”, which is caused by sudden and instantaneous laceration of soft tissues such as lumbar muscles, fascia, and ligaments.

90% of the predominant sites are lumbosacral joints. The clinical manifestations are post-injury lumbar fractures or continuous unrelenting pain, active intervention, the patient is unable to get up after sitting down, the waist cannot be straightened, and the lumbar spine is inclined to the affected side, Pitch, Tilt, Twisting feeling difficult, etc.

Physical examination showed that the patient’s lumbar muscles were tense and stiff, and the lumbar lordosis disappeared. Scoliosis and iliac spinal spasm may be present.

Obvious tenderness points can be found at the injury site.

  Traditional Chinese medicine claims that an acute lumbar sprain is called a “lumbar injury” and “blood stasis”.

It is thought to be caused by trauma or improper force during work to hurt the lumbar spine, resulting in obstruction of the meridians and blood stasis.

After acupuncture, the acupoint has a certain therapeutic effect.

  Ask the patient to take a seated position, and place the affected side’s hand slightly on the table. After routine disinfection, pierce the needle at Houxi Point with about 0.

8 inches, using a large lifting method, keep the needle when there is obvious pain at the acupuncture point, and designate the patient to slowly move the waist with the needle, mainly in the direction of pain, causing obstacles, ranging from smallWhen it is large, the patient can start the needle when the pain, relief, and other obstacles are significantly reduced (disappeared), and the needle should be strengthened every 10 minutes.

Under normal circumstances, it can be cured once. If it is not completely cured, it can be treated continuously 2?
3 times, once daily.

  Houxi acupoint is located in the micro-fist, the fifth palm finger joint on the posterior ulnar side of the distal palm horizontal striation head red white flesh.

The acupoint is named after the fifth metacarpophalangeal joint, like a ditch when making a fist.

It is an infusion point for the small intestine meridian of the hand, and one of the eight-pulse intersections, which is connected to the governing veins.

The hand sun small intestine meridian and foot sun bladder meridian are synonymous meridians, following the traditional Chinese medicine “same-phase seeking” hand and foot same name meridian are related to disease transmission and treatment.The sprain of the waist that passes through it is adjusted by regulating the blood to remove blood stasis, so that the swelling and pain are relieved, and the patient moves the waist on his own, causing the symptoms to disappear quickly.