[How to make a party with vegetables]_Hometown practices for a party with vegetables_How to make a party with vegetables_How to make a party with vegetables

[How to make a party with vegetables]_Hometown practices for a party with vegetables_How to make a party with vegetables_How to make a party with vegetables

On the surface, eating outside is worry-free. From a health perspective, it is a very bad habit.

Caring for your physical health starts with your diet.

So learn from Xiaobian about the party of vegetables.


Prepare raw materials.

Green and red peppers are cut into pieces, corn is cut into pieces, pineapples are cut into pieces, marinated beef or pork, and shrimps are shelled and yarn.


1 Cover the bottom of the baking sheet with tin foil, put the grill on the rack, place the skewers, brush in order, sprinkle the cumin powder and barbecue ingredients evenly, put them in the middle of the oven, 180 degrees, and bake for 15 minutes.


2 Put corn, meat, green pepper, shrimp, and pineapple on a bamboo stick.


The finished product is colorful, is it really drooling?

If you want to improve your cooking skills, of course, you ca n’t avoid a lot of practice. Today, I ‘m a small vegetable party introduced by friends who like to cook, which is very suitable for practicing, so that your cooking skills can be greatly improved, hurry upTry it.

[How to make small fried meat]_Home made small fried meat_How to make small fried meat_How to make small fried meat

[How to make small fried meat]_Home made small fried meat_How to make small fried meat_How to make small fried meat

Many friends often ignore the lack of appetite because of the pressure of work. Everyone does not prevent themselves from going to the kitchen to make a delicious little fried meat. The fun of cooking can also increase appetite and eat healthier and assured.

Then go into the kitchen with the editor and do it!


Prepare raw materials 2.

Bell pepper, chopped garlic, minced garlic 3.

Pad a small spoon on the bottom of the pan to avoid the skin from sticking to the pan 4.

Pork belly with skin is not easy to disperse.

Add the right amount of onion ginger, one tablespoon of cooking wine 6.

Cook over high heat and skim aside.

Cook over low heat for 50 minutes 8.

After being removed, let it cool down naturally.

Tear off the skin and taste good10.

The meat pieces are then cut into large pieces with a thickness of 3 mm11.

Place the pan on the fire, add less oil, add the meat pieces, stir fry over low heat, and force out the fat, about 5 minutes, until the surface of the meat pieces is burnt, and pour out the extra oil12.

Bowl of juice: salt; sugar; chicken essence; cooking wine; soy sauce; a lot of minced garlic, don’t put vinegar first, it will be poured directly into the pot side13.

Keep the meat in the pan, pour in the garlic, and quickly stir the red pepper 14.

Pour in the sauce, stir fry twice, pour the vinegar along the side of the pot, and stir well first. After reading the introduction to the practice of small fried meat, you are very patient.

And this patience will inevitably create your different accomplishments in this dish.

So, while you are young, you need to try it quickly.

[How to make pie dough]_ delicious convention _ homemade method

[How to make pie dough]_ delicious convention _ homemade method

We often buy hand-cooked cakes outside, and we also find a very simple crust, which can be turned into a hand-cooked cake after being wrapped in eggs and then cooked with a pan. It looks very simple, but I made it at home.At that time, I felt very troubled, and I did n’t know how to get started. First, the dough of the hand-cooked cake must be oiled. In addition, eggs can be added inside, so that it can be completely integrated into a hand-cooked cake.

Method one: 1. Take out the cake, remove the film and set it aside (no need to thaw in advance).

2. After the pan is heated, put the pancakes directly into the pan (no need to put oil and edible salt), medium heat, every 2?
3 seconds, turn upside down several times, wait until the cake swells, and both sides become golden yellow.

3. Pat the fried, golden, crispy pie with chopsticks or shovel from inside to outside and squeeze until it is fluffy.

4, can be sprinkled with secret sauce, or with eggs, ham, bacon, beef, vegetables and other flavors are better.

Method 2: The method of grabbing cakes in Taiwan: 1. Put the flour into a container, add boiling water, stir while adding, and stir evenly into a snowflake shape; 2. Then add cold water to knead into a ball, sprinkle flour on the chopping board, continue kneading until the surface is smooth; 3. Cover it with plastic wrap and let stand for 30 minutes; 4. Roll the dough into large square slices, brush with a thin layer of oil and sprinkle with salt; 5. Make the dough into a strip like a folding fan; 6.Roll up the bar and circle it into a circle. Leave the dough to rest for 10 minutes and press flat;, Fry one side after golden, then fry the other side, while the other side of the first one is tight; 9, the second one is put together and fried, you can eat it when it is fried.

Method three: Ingredients: high-gluten flour, hand-cooked cake, hand-cooked cake, ingredients: flour, eggs, lettuce, bacon / beef patties / chicken steak seasoning: salt, monosodium glutamate. Production process 1. Take 500 grams of flour and add one egg, 25 gramsButter, 250 grams of water, knead to make dough and proof for 15 minutes. 2. Take out the dough, knead it into long strips, sprinkle it into thin noodles, roll into thin slices, brush with a layer of cooking oil, a layer of paste, and fold in half.Then brush the oil twice more, fold the halves in half again, pull the noodles on both sides, pull them up, roll them up into a plate from one end, roll them into a thin and uniform round pancake, and fry in a pan until golden on both sides.

Features: clear layers, golden and crisp.

Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (600808) Company Annual Report Comment: De-capacity task completed 2018’s beautiful performance

Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (600808) Company Annual Report Comment: De-capacity task completed 2018’s beautiful performance
Key points of investment: The company produced iron, steel, and billets in 1800, 1964, and 1870 titles in 2018, respectively.The company announced its 2018 annual report on March 21, 2019. The company produced iron, steel, and billets in 2018 of about 1800, 1964, and 1870, respectively, which were 0.94%, -0.36%, 0.54%. Among them, the plates, long products, and axles produced by the company are 940, 909, and 22, as shown in the figure, and the proportions are 50.27%, 48.58%, 1.15%, the proportion of long products rose slightly, the axle output increased significantly. The company expects 1820 steel output in 2019 is expected to exceed the decline 2.67%.In 2018, the company shut down two blast furnaces and two converters, withdrew from the initial ironmaking capacity of 100, and inserted steelmaking capacity of 128. It fully completed the three-year goal of capacity reduction, and gradually withdrew from ironmaking capacity of 224 and steelmaking capacity of 2.56 million tons.Iron, steel, and volume are 1833, 2170, and 1970 lengths, respectively.With the exit of production capacity and the overhaul of No. 1 blast furnace of the Second Iron and Steel Plant, the steel production and sales in 2018 continued to increase slightly.In addition, the company plans to produce iron, steel, and steel in 1772, 1921, and 1820 spindles in 2019, which will reduce the number by 1.56%, 2.19%, 2.67%. The company achieved net profit attributable to mothers in 201859.43 ppm, an increase of 43 in ten years.94%.The company achieved operating income of 819 in 2018.52 ppm, an increase of 11 per year.91%, net profit attributable to mother 59.43 ppm, an increase of 43 in ten years.94%, Q1-Q4 net profit attributable to mothers were 14 respectively.18, 20.11, 21.55, 3.59 ppm, a 57-year increase of 57.25%, 171.09%, 96.53%, -74.10%, the company ‘s fourth-quarter profit decline was mainly due to the narrowing of profits caused by the decline in steel prices in the fourth quarter. In 2018, the company realized a gross profit of 649 yuan per ton of steel and a net profit of 317 yuan per ton of steel.The company sold the most steel in 1873 in 2018, of which plates, long products, and axles were sold at positions 941, 910, and 22, respectively.Calculated based on sales volume, the company achieved a gross profit of 649 yuan per ton of steel in 2018, an increase of 25 in the future.22%, realized a net profit of 317 yuan per ton of steel, an increase of 43 per year.40%, of which Q1-Q4 steel gross profit is 512, 762, 734, 584 yuan / ton, net profit per ton of steel is 297, 424, 440, 84 yuan / ton. The company plans to send a total of 0 cash dividends in 2018.36 yuan / share.The company issued a cash dividend of 0 in the middle of 2018.05 yuan / share, and plans to pay 0 cash dividends at the end of 2018.31 yuan / share, a total of 0 cash dividends will be distributed in 2018.36 yuan / share, accounting for 46% of net profit attributable to the mother.6%. Earnings forecasts and investment advice.We expect the company to achieve net profit attributable to mothers of 44 to 2020 respectively.09, 43.57 trillion, corresponding to EPS are 0.57, 0.57 yuan.The company’s corresponding net assets 西安耍耍网 in 2019 were 3.98 yuan, according to the closing price of 4 on March 21.01 yuan calculation, the corresponding PB is 1.01 times.Comparable companies correspond to PB in 2019, and we give companies 1 in 2019.1-1.4 times dynamic PB, with a reasonable value range of 4.38-5.57 yuan, given a “preliminary market” rating.risk warning.Demand has increased significantly; the steel premium in Anhui Province has shrunk sharply; the company’s output growth of axles has fallen short of expectations.

Shentong Express (002468): Releases Ali as a Strategic Investor to Provide Positive Catalyst to Re-Recommend

Shentong Express (002468): Releases Ali as a Strategic Investor to Provide Positive Catalyst to Re-Recommend

Event Shentong Express announced that Deyin Investment and Mr. Chen Dejun, Ms. Chen Xiaoying and Alibaba signed the “Framework Agreement”: the actual controller (Mr. Chen Dejun, Ms. Chen Xiaoying) or Deyin Investment will set up new subsidiaries A and B, respectivelyHolds listed companies 29.

9%, 16.

1% of the shares, of which the new company A becomes Alibaba as a strategic investor, holding 49% of the shares of the new company A, which is equivalent to 14 of the listed company.

651% of the shares, Alibaba paid a consideration of 46.

65 ppm corresponds to an estimated 318 for listed companies.

41 million, about 2% of the latest market capitalization before the announcement earlier.

The company’s control remains unchanged before and after the equity change.

Comment on Ali’s investment to provide a catalyst: We believe that the representative of Ali’s strategic investment represents Ali’s recognition of the value of Shentong, especially under the current valuation, and gradually replaces the long-term consideration of investors who may fall behind for Shentong. According to the announcement, both parties follow upIt will further explore cooperation in logistics technology, express delivery, new retail logistics and other fields to improve its expected level.

Fundamentals improved and business volume picked up.

After acquiring 15 transshipment centers in 2018, the company’s self-operated transshipment centers will reach 60, the proportion will increase to 88%, and the proportion of transshipment center construction and mainline self-operation will be increased to continue to improve service quality and timeliness.

Beginning in the second half of the year, the company’s business volume increased significantly.

The third and fourth quarter of 2018 (41%) is significantly higher than the first half (19%) and higher than the industry. In December, it was even a high growth rate (48%) in the industry, changing the situation of the continuous decline in the market over the past three years. 2018年 年市场份额比2017年回升0.

3 units.

We believe that through the increase of business volume growth and the gradual adjustment of the adjustment measures after the acquisition of the transfer center, it will help bring into play the scale effect and reduce the unit cost, and the fundamentals are expected to continue to improve.

The first quarter is expected to exceed expectations.

As the company’s business volume growth rate in the first and second quarters of 2018 was only 19% and 18%, which is a low base, we expect that the company’s business volume will continue to maintain the high growth trend since the fourth quarter in the first half of this year.

What if 1Q19 business volume grows by 40% per year?
45% (43% increase in 1 month, actually exceeding the industry’s 13.

5% growth rate and offsite parts 18% growth rate), is it expected to drive a 25% increase in net profit?
30%, or will exceed the industry average.

Shentong estimates the lowest, and the expected difference is large.

The current priority corresponds to 15 of 2019.

The 4x price-earnings ratio is the lowest among A-share peers. We re-recommend the rating with a target price of 27.

69 yuan, 重庆耍耍网 corresponding to 19 times the 2019 price-earnings ratio, compared with current expectations of 23% growth space.

The growth of risk business volume exceeded expectations, unit prices fell sharply, and fuel and labor costs rose.

Aerospace Appliances (002025): Invested in the establishment of Guangdong Huajing to further enter the field of 5G communication connectors

Aerospace Appliances (002025): Invested in the establishment of Guangdong Huajing to further enter the field of 5G communication connectors
On the 22nd of the incident, the company’s board of directors agreed that the company and Dongguan Yangming Precision Plastic Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. established a joint venture of Guangdong Huaying Electronics Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 200 million yuan, of which Aerospace Appliances invested 102 million yuan in cash and the proportion of investment was 51.00%, Dongguan Yangming invested 98 million yuan in physical assets and cash, with a capital contribution ratio of 49.00%. Established Huadong, Guangdong with Dongguan Yangming to build a research and production base for civilian connectors. Dongguan Yangming was established in September 2001. Its main business is precision molds, precision parts design and manufacturing, and development and production and sales of electronic connectors. ProductsWidely used in computer motherboards, network communications, digital cameras, etc. Related products have successfully entered well-known companies at home and abroad such as ZTE, TYCO, SAMSUNG, Vtech, FCI, etc. The company and Dongguan Yangming jointly established Guangdong Huaying Electronics Co., Ltd. to gradually build a civilian connector development and production base. Using the advantages of aerospace appliances in technology, branding and marketing channels, combined with Dongguan Yangming precision molds and precision parts manufacturing capabilities,The company will accelerate the industrial layout in the Pearl River Delta region, and also expand the foundation for entering the 5G communications market in the future, expand the industrial scale, and enhance the market competitiveness of aerospace appliances. In order to better achieve the goal of jointly establishing Guangdong Huajing, Dongguan Yangming promised to Aerospace Electric: Within 36 months after the establishment of Guangdong Huaying, Guangdong Huaying should gradually realize the replacement of non-recurring profits and losses.Less than 37.5 million yuan, which excludes the profit formed by the connector products designed and developed by Aerospace Electric and commissioned by Guangdong Huajing.After the establishment of Guangdong Huajing, the profitability of aerospace appliances will be further improved. The military and civilian space of connectors is broad, and more than 70% of the companies whose intelligent manufacturing further enhances their competitiveness are sold to aerospace, aviation, electronics, marine, weaponry and other military enterprises, which is expected to fully benefit from the recovery of the military industry.Benefiting from the rapid development of national defense informatization construction, the company’s military connector and other product demand growth rates have gradually continued to exceed the average growth rate of the military industry. This year, under the condition that the effects of military reforms have been eliminated and compensation orders have begun to be released, the company’s military products may show rapid growth. Communications, new energy vehicles and other high-end civilian demand are expected to become the company’s future performance growth point.The company has been cultivating in the communications field for many years, and has good cooperative relations with communications giants such as Huawei and ZTE, and is actively deploying the 5G communications field.The rapid development of new energy vehicles has brought about a breakthrough in connector demand. It is expected that the market space for new energy vehicle connectors will exceed $ 8 billion in 2020. The company has now provided small quantities of connectors for some new energy vehicle manufacturers. Work with Siemens to create an intelligent manufacturing project for aerospace appliances to meet the needs of “multi-variety, small-volume, customization”, improve production efficiency and respond to customer needs, and enhance the company’s competitiveness.Since 2012, aerospace appliances have been upgraded through intelligent manufacturing, and the number of employees on the production line has dropped by 53.3% per capita monthly output from 3.30,000 pieces increased to 10.70,000 pieces, the overall qualified rate of the combined parts has also been increased from 80% to more than 95%, and the assembly efficiency has increased by 200% on the existing basis.In September this year, the company’s self-developed intelligent production line execution system obtained software copyright and was successfully applied in the J30 intelligent detection production line, breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign software on the intelligent 都市夜网 production line. The micro and special motor business is leading in technology and its performance has maintained rapid growth. Guizhou Linquan, a holding subsidiary, is a high-tech enterprise integrating development and large-scale production.”Micro Special Motors Professional and Technical Center”, “Micro Special Motors Testing Center” and “National Defense Technology Industry Enterprise Technology Center” are recognized to have maintained rapid revenue growth.Guizhou Linquan’s micro special motors are mainly positioned in the high-end, and they are involved in the four professional fields of micro special motors, secondary power supplies, servo control, and telemetry communication. The downstream covers major military industrial groups, and some product technologies are at the forefront of the world.In the environment where the military industry maintains a high level of prosperity, Guizhou Linquan’s future performance is expected to maintain rapid growth. Optical communication devices have a wide civilian space, and Jiangsu Aure Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary that is in urgent need of expansion, is one of the major manufacturers of domestic optoelectronic device products. The main products are optical transceiver modules, coupling devices, butterfly packages, and coaxial packages., Five categories of product solutions.The company’s products are famous for industrial-grade products and have a high influence in the fields of video surveillance and industrial power. In the future, it is expected to open up the telecommunications and data center markets in the market space.The company actively explores the application of optical communication devices in military products. At present, the construction of military industrial lines has been completed, and new product development has been steadily advanced.With the strong support of Aerospace Science and Industry Group, the company’s products are expected to be promoted beyond the scope and create new growth points. The only listed platform of the Tenth Academy of Aerospace, high-quality asset injection is worth looking forward to The only listed platform of the Tenth Academy of Aerospace, high-quality asset injection is worth looking forward to.Aerospace Appliances is the only listed company affiliated to the Tenth Academy of Aerospace. Its revenue is only about 20% of the Tenth Academy of Aerospace, and its total profit is about 40%.The assets securitization rate of the Ten Academy of Aerospace Industries still needs to be improved. It is expected that some high-quality assets will be injected into Aerospace Electrical Appliances in the future. Profit forecast and investment suggestions: The performance is expected to maintain rapid growth, the capital operation is worth looking forward to, the maintenance and upgrading of defense equipment is accelerated, the demand for high-end electronic components continues to grow, and the company’s military business is expected to grow steadily.The company vigorously explores the multi-domain markets of communications, rail transit, electric power, and new energy vehicles, and new growth points for the civilian products business are expected.The company is the only listed platform of the Ten Academy of Aerospace, and deposit assets are expected to be injected.It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers from 2018 to 2020 will be 3 respectively.84, 4.73, 5.85 ppm, an increase of 23 per year.52%, 23.24%, 23.58%, corresponding to an EPS of 0 to 18 years.90, 1.10, 1.36 yuan, corresponding to the current expected PE is 31, 25, 20 times, respectively, maintaining an overweight rating.

Keep newborns away from regrets

Keep newborns away from regrets

Afraid of all fears, the most feared is to have a child with a birth defect. Diagnosis of amniotic fluid during pregnancy can detect defects as early as possible and avoid many terrible consequences in production.

Too many expectant mothers are wondering: is the diagnosis of amniotic fluid necessary for every expectant mother?

Will it hurt the fetus when taking amniotic fluid?

Please listen to the amniotic fluid diagnostic testing experts to explain to the expectant mother in detail.

      Older women need amniotic fluid for diagnosis. Older women with amniotic fluid have a significantly higher probability than normal pregnant women.

Generally, the probability of accidents will gradually increase with age, but the danger from scratch is not clear.

      In the diagnosis, the doctor first checks the fetus to ensure that she is at least 14 weeks pregnant.

Studies have found that unless the diagnosis of amniotic fluid is only two to three weeks in the morning, some people with deformed feet or a noticeable abortion will significantly increase.

Therefore, early diagnosis can cause danger, but the reason cannot be fully explained at present. Generally speaking, there is a possibility that this is known that the reduction of amniotic fluid can cause umbilical cord entanglement (at this time, the umbilical cord has only a linear thickness)-Thereby endangering the blood supply to the oxides.

      The doctor recommends that you should take more rest in the three days after the diagnosis, avoid exercise, and avoid carrying heavy objects.

If you have any of the following symptoms, such as bleeding, watery fluid replacement or high fever, you should contact your doctor immediately. These are all symptoms when your pregnancy is in danger.

      Amniotic fluid, fertility, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, applicable ——.

If there is a family history such as a genetic disease or a chromosomal abnormality, or if an abnormality is detected by an ultrasound scan, the doctor will also recommend a diagnosis of amniotic fluid.

Some expectant mothers do not have the above situation, in order to eliminate concerns, they will also require a diagnosis of amniotic fluid.

      Diagnosis of amniotic fluid includes: 1. Determining weight maturity to deal with high-risk pregnancy. In order to reduce the mortality of preterm infants, it is necessary to understand the maturity of body weight before induction of labor, combined with the measurement of placental function, to choose a favorable time for delivery.

      2. Carriers of prenatally diagnosed linked genetic diseases with congenital anomalies, determine the sex during pregnancy; pregnant women over 35 years of age are prone to chromosomal abnormalities; prenatal babies are of congenital stupidity or have a family history; pregnant women have chromosomal abnormalities and congenital metabolic disorders, Family history of enzyme system disorders; the prenatal fetus is a neural tube defect or the latest pregnancy serum albumin value is significantly higher than normal people.

      3, suspected maternal and child blood group incompatibility blood group substances and bilirubin are helpful for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of neonatal ABO hemolytic disease.

If the diagnosis of ABO blood group incompatibility is made, prenatal monitoring and rescue preparation for newborns after delivery should be strengthened.

      4. To detect the presence of rubella virus and other infections in pregnant women with intrauterine infection, the specific immunoglobulin in amniotic fluid can be measured.

If interleukins are elevated in the amniotic fluid, there may be subclinical intrauterine infections that can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.

      5. Chromosome detection 100% accurate amniotic fluid sample contains cells of skin, skin and other organs, and will be included in the laboratory for culture before being tested.

The results will come out in two weeks.

In most cases, the accuracy of detecting chromosomes is almost 100%, but structural diseases such as deformed feet or heart disease cannot be detected.

Couples with genetic disorders such as familial black idiots and cystic fibrosis must receive a more targeted diagnosis of amniotic fluid.

      In general, the process of amniotic fluid diagnosis is safe. Although there is a risk of maternal injury, fetal placenta and umbilical cord injury, amniotic fluid infiltration, miscarriage or premature birth, and the risk of intrauterine infection, the proportion is small, generally not more than 1/200.

Eat less winter melon, not more than three times a week

Eat less winter melon, not more than three times a week

Winter melon is a very common side dish.

Winter melon suffers from various amino acids required by the human body and has a high intake of fiber content. It can be eaten to lower cholesterol, lower blood lipids, and prevent atherosclerosis.

In addition, the winter melon is very popular because it is good for draining water and having a slimming effect.

So can I eat winter melon in autumn?

What are the dangers of eating winter melon in autumn?

Old Chinese medicine and you come to see some related knowledge about eating winter melon in autumn.

Winter melon is cold and cold, it is not appropriate to eat more in autumn and winter, otherwise it is easy to accumulate cold, which is not good for the spleen and stomach.

To avoid cold deposits in the body, it is not advisable to eat winter melon more than three times a week. If it is placed in winter melon soup, it is not advisable to drink more than 200 grams each time.

At the same time, it is neutral and cold, pay attention to matching when cooking.

When fried, you can add warm beef, or add warm ingredients such as garlic, ginger, onion, and tempeh.

The stew can be added with bones and hot ginger, light on white.

When cooking porridge with warm sweet potatoes, both have a continuous stomach warming effect.

When buying winter melon, choose a melon with a firm skin, white skin, no scars, and thick flesh.

Winter melon can diuretic and swelling, clear heat and detoxify and lose weight.

However, due to the coldness of winter melon, usually the spleen and stomach are deficient, and those with pain in the stomach should eat less, and those with chronic illness and cold in the yang deficiency should not eat.

Determination of Mental Hidden Dangers in Love between Men and Women

Determination of Mental Hidden Dangers in Love between Men and Women

Girls in love often don’t understand their boyfriend’s relationship, I’m afraid “a fateful hate forever.”

Here psychologists will teach you a few ways to determine the psychological hazards of your boyfriend.

If your boyfriend has any of the following courtship psychology, there is some hidden danger in his love.

  First, absolute self-psychology.

This man regards whether the lover he is looking for is beneficial to his “future” as the only unbreakable condition.

He asked his girlfriend to show the “advantage” from time to time and bring him some benefits.

Once his expectations are not met or not reached, he will get angry and even feel that you are losing to him.

  Second, logical error association.

Such men often appear as associative and suspicious.

He generally values love, but has a narrow understanding and is very sensitive to the actions of lovers.

Once his girlfriend does something he doesn’t understand or is unhappy with, he will “think about it” and find the evidence that you don’t agree with him.

  Third, non-emotional immigration.

This kind of man evaluation, when treating his girlfriend, has no sympathy, and does not place himself in a position to give evaluation and understanding.

Especially when the girlfriend is in a situation where she needs to empathize with her, she winces or ignores.

He can only rejoice with you and not with you.

  Fourth, the wrong contrast mentality.

Such men often distinguish his strengths from his girlfriend’s weaknesses, or his girlfriend’s weaknesses and those of others.

When this kind of man begins to associate with you, he can quickly discover your advantages and appreciate them very much, and your relationship will heat up.

But if he finds that the advantage in you is so inconspicuous, he will be indifferent to you, and this indifference often makes you elusive or even a temptation, making you more mysterious.

  Fifth, adapt to excitement.

This kind of man generally likes fashion and feels sharp, but lacks autonomy and self-confidence. Individual consciousness is controlled by external trends. He especially likes trendy women.

He has outstanding appearance, hairstyles, clothing and other appearance images, and is very happy to invest in his girlfriend in this regard.

However, once you fail to adapt to his “aesthetic” requirements, he will suffocate.

  When you find that your boyfriend has any of these mentalities, don’t take it lightly.

Of course, strictly speaking, any man will more or less have one or more of these mentalities.

There is no need to panic, and there is no need to “broken off” as soon as you find it, so that you will always find a good partner.

The standard for how to master this “degree” is that you do love him, and do not prevent you from talking openly with your concerns, so that he can realize the danger of this hidden danger.

If you are new friends and you are not yet deep in feelings, you can also talk to him to see the effect.

If you don’t think it’s necessary, just break the diplomatic ties.

However, take either approach.

One thing to grasp is that your judgment of him is correct and comprehensive, otherwise, taking for granted and taking for granted will bring you life-long pain.

From scratch to supplement the white hair to black

From scratch to supplement the white hair to black

(1) Walnut dipping: 1000 grams of walnut kernels, soak in cold water for 3 days, remove the skin tip after taking out.

Then put an appropriate amount of sugar into the pot. After melting, pour into walnut kernels and stir well.

Take 2 capsules 10 times a day.

  (2) Mulberry paste: Wash 1000 g of fresh mulberry (or 500 g of dried product), cook with an appropriate amount of water, take the decoction once every 30 minutes, then add water and fry again, and take the decoction twice.

After combining the decoctions, decoction with low heat and concentrating. When it is thick and thick, add 300g of honeybee to the boil and cease the fire.

Add 1 tablespoon each time with boiling water.

  (3) Hair styling powder: black sesame seeds, soybeans, peanuts, walnuts, etc. are cooked separately, grind into a fine powder and mix well. Use milk soy milk or boiling water to flush a small tablespoon daily before going to bed.

Not suitable for diarrhea.

  (4) Black sesame walnut sugar: 500 grams of red sugar, 250 grams each of black sesame and walnut kernel.

Stir black sesame and walnuts for later use.

Put the red sugar in the pot, and toss over low heat until thicker, add black sesame, walnut kernel and mix thoroughly, then cease the fire.

Pour the sugar into an enamel pan coated with cooking oil while it is still hot. When it is a little cold, flatten the sugar, cut it into small pieces with a knife, and turn it into a black sand sugar.

Free to eat.

  (5) sesame paste: black sesame, the previous rice ratio is 1: 1.


First wash the black sesame seeds, dry them, and stir-fry them, but don’t fry them. Then take out the rice that has been soaked for 1 hour, mix with black sesame seeds, grind them together, and grind them for 2?
After 3 times, filter with gauze and water, repeat the filtration many times, remove the residue, and add an appropriate amount of water to cook the sesame paste and eat with sugar.

It has a beneficial gastrointestinal effect, helps gray hair, and can keep skin delicate.